Replik ur True Blood

En av mina absoluta favoritrepliker från säsong 6 är när Eric är i Vamp camp och Truman är där, kolla in själva:
Eric: Umm Fuck you.
Eric: Alright Governor, give me something to kill.
Och så har vi sedan blicken i Pam och Erics ögon när de ser varandra. Den är så hjärtskärande shit vad jag grät när jag såg det.

Replik ur True Blood

Okej eftersom det var säsong 6 vi såg senaste så är det ju ganska självklart att det är därifrån vi plockar repliker nu!
Det här klippet är fullt med guldrepliker och jag skriver ut de allra bästa! Sedan måste ni bara se i slutet när Sookie zappar ut Bill ut Fairyland och Bill liksom glider sådär i gruset, det är ruggigt snyggt alltså!!
Sookie: I know we did Bill, but Eric took our deal and fucked it in the ass. You're the God of all vampires, deal with your vampire.
Sookie: Seriously I'm gnawing at my own arm and you're gonna drop fang on me?

Bill: You see that, he's looking better already, should we go Warlow? 
(Älskar hur han säger Warlow där)
Bill: I couldn't give a shit of what king of shape he's in.

Bästa replikerna från In the Evening

Dessa repliker dvar de bästa detta avsnittet!
Och jag brukar ju ta ut de som jag tyckte var bäst med det är så svårt denna veckan. Det var så många och speciellt de som Alex sa, alltså hans repliker var perfekta. Alex brilljerade verkligen förra veckan, helt genialiskt var det! Jag gillar när han sa till Bill
Please give her your blood Han sa det på ett så speciellt sätt och det var bara så bra!

Pam to Willa: Severed arm, not bad but too obvious.

Eric to Bill: I don’t know what you are. All I know is I saw Sookie stake you and you survived, but if you are God, please heal her for me.

Nora to Eric: I’d rather die than have Lillith’s blood.

Bill to Nora: This is her dying wish, we have to honor it.

Sarah to Truman’s head: Truman Burrell, you were a decent man, and your commitment to this cause was whole and it was pure. But, these monsters pray on the pure. Know that your death was not in vane for it will galvanize the forces against this evil we fight . This is part of God’s Plans and GOD IS GOOD!

Sarah to State Senator about Lt. Gov. – I am not letting that Rhino, with his folksy bullshit step one foot near this office.

Sarah to State Senator: Have them move the late great governor’s body away and dispose of it, and I don’t want to know how, but I do hear acid is effective.

Sarah to State Senator: Hep V will spread like wildfire. Just you wait senator, when God’s message is this clear, I am a truly an unstoppable woman.

Sookie to Ben: This is a first, making out with a man in broad daylight.

Ben to Sookie: You just wrote our wedding vows.

Arlene in the graveyard: Maybe now you’ll rest baby.

Arlene to Sookie: I got a glimmer of what it was going to be like; life with him happy and it was the best feeling I ever had.

Sam to Nicole: My friend died, not being there is not an option.

Arlene to Lafayette: You’re a liar and a voodoo queer.

Jason to Jessica: My thoughts ain’t always so clear; but my heart, it ain’t never been so clear.

Jason to Jessica: You don’t have that stockholder syndrome do you?

Jessica to Jason: Jason, you cannot stop bad things from happening to me; we don’t live in that kind of world. All you can do is go on being the sweet, wonderful man that you are.

Alcide’s Dad to Alcide: Problem is, I f**ked up so many times, ain’t nothing I say is gonna mean much to you. That’s my cross to bear.

James to Jessica: Vampires choose to forfeit their souls. I’m not saying I’m a saint, but I made a different choice.

James to Jessica: I feel like a fool; I never really bought the whole immortality thing. I always knew I’d go at some point and now that it’s so soon, there’s just so much I could a done.

Jessica to James: right now, in this moment, all I wanna do is make love to you. I’ve never been with a vampire; I always wondered what all the fuss was about.

Eric to Bill: Do you want to hear me say the words? I believe you, I believe in you; I believe that you are divine.

Bill to Eric: I can see the future, Eric, but there is one vision that has yet to manifest. I saw a white circular room in which Pam, Jessica, Tara and you all meet the sun in that room Eric. That’s why I’m going to get Warlow.

Bill to Eric: You are in the vision Eric. One way or another, you are going to be in that room when the roof opens. If you come with me, maybe we could stop it.

Arlene to Sookie: You know, before it was like someone was scalping my brain away, one slice at a time and plucking out my heart with one of those little crab forks, but now thanks to this, it just feels like someone was crashing my windpipe.

Arlene to Bill: Shit, this shit’s real, ain’t it. You’re walking’ in the daylight.

Lafayette to Sookie: You mind telling me what’s going on with all these f**kin’ vampires walking around in the daytime?

Lafayette: I’m so glad I took my beta blockers, deuces.

Sookie to Bill: So, let me get this right. You’re willing to sacrifice me and/or Warlow, who are real by the way, for the sake of a hypothetical progeny that you saw on some vision?

Sookie to Bill: Pam’s my friend?

Bill to Sookie: It would be foolish of me to let your anger at me get in the way of protecting the ones that you love. Foresake them, and there will be many more days like this in the not too distant future.

Pam to Dr. Finn: Thank God, I was just starting to feel confessional.

Pam to Dr. Finn: As a student of Freud, I’d of thought you had a better grasp on the title of “appetites.”

Pam to Dr. Finn: So, when I say I’m not hungry because I’m horny, you get it.

Pam to Dr. Finn: You’d be surprised what a girl can accomplish in solitary.

Pam to Dr. Finn: For one, I f**k a lot. Secondly, I own a bar, Fangtasia, where humans come to get off. I believe it’s success is due in large part to my astute understanding of human desire. The desire to be devoured or. enveloped by a warm hungry animal, or obliterated one juicy bite at a time.

Pam to Dr. Finn: So you want inside….my head? How deep do you want to go?

Sarah to Guards and Jason: Throw his ass in female gen pop 1. Have fun with your sluts.

Tara to the vampires in Gen Pop 1: Back off Bitches

Violet to Gen Pop 1: Ladies, please, he’s mine.

Rikki to Alcide: Of course, I’d be a lot happier if you weren’t lying through your mother f**king teeth right now.

Eric to Godric: Godric whatever magic you possess, could you use it now please. I beg of you Godric, could you give her one more chance, like you did before.

Nora to Eric (Flashback scene): My death shall be my own.

Eric to Nora: He called you stubborn but he has that confused with courage it would seem.

Nora to Eric: You have a look of destiny about you.

Eric to Nora: Let me take you to my father, he will heal you. You will live fully and forever, I promise.

Nora to Eric: And, so we end as we begin.



Bästa replikerna från Fuck the Pain away har valt ut dessa till de bästa replikerna!
Jag gillar denna väldigt mycket:
Pam to LAVTF shrink: I feel nothing. You humans love your pain don’t ya? You just love being in it, you even consider it a virture. Cry the most at a funeral; you must be the best person.  You promise to never forget each other; you promise to feel the sting of a loss, forever, because for ya’ll forever is just the blink of an eye; you’re lives are pathetically brief. When we say forever; we have to mean it, so we move past our pain, we heal, we move on, because pain is a worthless emotion. For a time, my maker was everything to me; he released me; it hurt.  Now, I’m over it; he’s nobody to me.
Så klokt sagt och så sant. jag gillar även när Eric sa till guvenören:
Eric: Hmmm... Fuck you.
Så klockrent!

Resten som också var asgrymma:

Sookie to Ben: I’d be real careful what you say right now because I’ve got a vampire killing ball right behind your head and I’m mighty ready to use it.

Sookie to Ben: I don’t know why vampires feel the need to lie to me, to hunt me to terrorize me in my own home.

Ben to Sookie: You are my intended, I’ve wandered this world for millennia and misery and solitude waiting for you, dreaming only of you.  It’s my destiny.

Sookie to Ben: Fuck destiny.

Jessica to Bill: I feel like I want to have sex or die or die having sex.

Pam to LAVTF Guard: All in the name of Science, huh? Try to explain the scientific value of this?

Sarah to Truman Burrell:  I had to learn the hard way, once they’re turned, they’re gone.

Sarah to Truman Burrell:  Do not take me for granted. That is what Steve did and I won’t have it. When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her.

Bill to Ben: Lillith is part of me, she’s guiding me, I am a prophet in her name. I drank her blood and now I have her memories of you.

Lillith to Ben: God spoke to me of a creature like you. You are destined to save vampire-kind.

Bill  (Lillith) to Ben: I made you into our salvation.

Sarah to Jason: I was very much hopin’ I could save your soul.

Jason to Sarah: My soul’s doing fine itself, thank you very much.

Jason to Sarah: Listen here, you always seemed like a nice lady behind the crazy and the hate, but I ain’t the same dumb kid you met at the fellowship; I’ve been places, I’ve done things.

Sarah to Jason: Jason Stackhouse, I never felt more holy than when I was with you and I truly believe that God wants me to fuck you.

Jessica to Sarah: I always hated the fucking book of Mark.

Sarah to Jason: My body is a fuckin’ temple and you have defiled it with you vampire lovin’ pecker.

Pam to LAVTF shrink: Hold the fuck up, am I in therapy.

Pam to LAVTF shrink:I don’t give a shit about what the incentive is, I’m not gonna talk about my feelings.

Pam to LAVTF shrink: What about the other room? The one where you all had the vampires fucking, the one with that hideous fluorescent lighting.  Put me in that room and I will fuck somebody for ya’ll.

Pam to LAVTF shrink:Your insignificance to me cannot be underestimated. You are food, nothing else, not even good food, you reek of tuna fish. The truth is, I care more about that tuna you ate than I do about you.

Lafayette to Sookie:  Well hello sugar boo boo, now what is you doing here at your place of work because I know it isn’t work.

Terry to Justin: How would you like to kill me? I can pay you, it won’t be much but you won’t be doing it for free.

Pam to LAVTF shrink: I like to think of myself as especially un-remorseful, but I doubt any of us gives a fuck.

Pam to LAVTF shrink: I feel nothing. You humans love your pain don’t ya? You just love being in it, you even consider it a virture. Cry the most at a funeral; you must be the best person.  You promise to never forget each other; you promise to feel the sting of a loss, forever, because for ya’ll forever is just the blink of an eye; you’re lives are pathetically brief. When we say forever; we have to mean it, so we move past our pain, we heal, we move on, because pain is a worthless emotion. For a time, my maker was everything to me; he released me; it hurt.  Now, I’m over it; he’s nobody to me.

LAVTF Guard to Tara: Burrell’s daughter is a VIP; don’t mix with you gen. pop. Vampires.

Steve to the Governor: Oh, I think you’re going to grow to appreciate me, have a seat, enjoy the show.

Eric to the Governor: Allright Governor, give me something to kill.

Sarah to Eric and Pam: Haven’t you seen Gladiator, fuckin’ fight!

Lafayette as Sookie’s father to Sookie: You’ll never understand how much I love you baby girl sometimes parents do things that don’t make sense to their kids, but when you get to the other side I hope you’ll understand, I’ll be seeing you real soon.


Bästa replikerna från At Last

 Min favoritrepliker från det senaste avnittet var:
Andy to Kevin: Just do this for me Kev, four Caucasian females between 4 and 7 feet tall, between 60 and 260 lbs and between the ages of 10 and, I don’t know, 50. Now, come on, do some fuckin’ police work for a change.
Sookie to Ben: Get the fuck off of me or die, “Warlow!”
Resten bra repliker som var med är dessa;

Nora to Niall: Lilith was the first of all vampires and she will bring destruction to us all if we do not stop her.  There was a mis-translation in our Bible, it read the people led Lillith to the sun, it should have read the progeny will bring Lillith to the son.  Warlow is the progeny. Only he can kill Lillith.

Nora to Niall: Oh My fuck, you smell amazing.

Niall to Ben: It is Sookie who carries the fae and it is her we need to protect, not her human brother.

Ginger to the Governor: Who knew a sheepshank would be so hard to untie.

Governor to Ginger: Boy is Overlock gonna have fun with you, take her to camp.

Governor to guards: Get those helicopters in the air, I want this town lit up like a Christmas tree.

Faery girls to Terry: His brains came out, you’re a killer.

Arlene to Faery girls: Girls, your uncle has a very active imagination and it’s rude to snoop around in it, you understand?

Andy to his faery daughters:  Come on, it’s time for bed, you haven’t slept since you were three.

Faery girl: I don’t want to stay in bed, we might be 30 before we wake up.  We gotta get out, party and drink.

Another faery daughter: I don’t know about you but I’m raiding Aunt Arlene’s closet.

Jessica to Bill:  I trust Bill but I also know there’s a fight going on inside you between Bill and Lillith and I just want to make sure she doesn’t win tonight. Those girls; they’re also the same age I was when you turned me. If anything were to happen to them, I wouldn’t forgive myself.

Grab it quick cashier: I ain’t supposed to sell without ID, but you know what? There is a way to check; a  little known fact of anatomy, I can show you in the back.

Faery girls: We don’t have names.

Faery girl to Jessica: You smell kind of funny, you’re not like us are you?

Jessica to the faeries: Just think of me like a regular girl and we can party.

Bill to faery girls: It’s gonna be a little cozy in there; you’ll have to squeeze in.

Ben to Jason: Smooth as a babies bottom.

Ben to Jason: Do it like you do it to yourself.

Faery girl to Bill: I think history’s really sexy.

Bill to faery girl: It’s a little toy that we vampires use with our partners. After a 100 years we can get weary using our fangs all the time so sometimes it can be nice just to watch.

Bill to faery girl:  It’s allright, in fact, it’s extraordinary. We vampires, we’re creatures of blood, blood is everything to us.

Faery girl to Bill: So this is like fourplay?

Bill to Prof. Takahashi: Failure is not an option.

Eric to Willa: So much courage, so little experience.

Eric to Willa: Death is not the end.

Eric to Willa: Everything your father put in you, his cowardice, his small mindeness, his hate, all of it will seap out and into this vessel I will seed a millennium of wisdom, honor, life.

Emma to Nicole: I’m sorry your friends died, my momma dies a few days ago…

Sam to Nicole:  Were’s are the best trackers around. You won’t get two miles before they rip you to pieces. You’re a smart woman Nicole, don’t be stupid. Your dying ain’t gonna bring your friends back an you know it.

Sookie to Ben: I just wanted to apologize for how Niall talked to you.  He’s not from the South or this millennium so, he can be kind of blunt.

Sookie to Ben: I don’t want to get all Sadie Hawkins on you, but I believe you deserve at least a home cooked meal for your trouble.

Andy to Kevin: Just do this for me Kev, four Caucasian females between 4 and 7 feet tall, between 60 and 260 lbs and between the ages of 10 and, I don’t know, 50. Now, come on, do some fuckin’ police work for a change.

Andy to Kevin: Why don’t you mention the nut who goes all twitchy whenever one of my kids comes near.

Andy to Arlene and Terry: Those are my kids, I can’t even think straight.

Niall to Jason:  How’s my wounded warrior?

Jason to Niall: Even though you’re a faery, you kind of a straight kind of faery, right? I mean, you’d have to be to have faery kids.

Jason to Niall: no, no, no, spit it out.  Tell me what your “unthinkin’”

Alcide to Rikki: Who is your packmaster.

Bill to Takahashi: Oh, I will go get more and you will not stop until you synthesize it, do you understand?

Eric to Byona: Bonus for short notice, hazard pay.

Willa to Eric: Oh my God, it’s like everything is electric.

Eric to Willa: The world you knew as a human is but a sliver of what you will be feeling now.

Eric to Willa: You’re going home Willa, go home to your father. Let him see his own child turned into the thing he repulses the most. Prove to your father that you’re not a monster, make him understand that we were all once human; we are not to be hunted.

Eric to Willa: I’ve been around for over a 1000 years Willa Burrell, and you are the second vampire I’ve ever made. Now I did not make this decision lightly.  I have to send you back.  As your maker, I command you, go home to your father.

Pam to Tara: Look, Eric mistreated you, but you’ve got to believe that human lovin’ is fucked up.

Pam to Tara: This is war, it is us against them. What is it gonna take for you to understand?

Sarah to the Governor: Come on, let me take your mind off all this awfulness.

Guard to Governor: There’s something you need to know, we had to invite her in.

Willa to Governor: Daddy, I’m a vampire but I am still me. You can see that right, I’m still Willa.  You have to stop what you’re doing; you have to stop persecuting us.

Sara to the Governor: Don’t listen to her Truman, that’s the devil talkin’.

Governor to Sarah: this is my daughter.

Sarah to Governor: you gotta let her go.

Ben to Niall:  You can’t vanish old man, I’ve drained almost all your blood. Don’t even try it, the fight’s over.

Niall to Ben: Are we not kindred?

Ben to Niall:  My family and I, we lived beside yours for years when I was still fae. Just before you were born, I was turned. The darkness in me it battles with the light ever second of my being, but even on the darkest days thousands of years ago, as I stood over the dust of my own mother and father, I couldn’t bare to kill a child.

Nail to Ben: You spared me?

Ben to Niall: Yes, so our line could continue, and now my kindred, I shall spare you again.

Sam to Nicole: It’s amazing how kids can block out a whole lot of things when sleep comes a callin’. For me it’s gonna take a whole lot of this.

Sam to Nicole: I still see Luna. I try to block it out, but at the same time, I don’t want to let her go.

Ben to Sookie: I don’t mind hard work, it keeps a man honest.

Sookie to Ben: I’m not normally this forward, but before I hope up my heart more than I already have. I need to ask you a question. What is it about me that you want?

Ben to Sookie: Here’s the thing, everybody wants to be understood.  You found me by the side of that road and I knew you understood me, I knew I understood you and I knew it right away.

Faery to Jessica: he does that blood thing to me and my sister, he’s creepy, we’re going now, come one.

Jessica to Faery: You smell like honey.

Andy to Grab it Quik cashier: Females, Caucasian anywhere between the ages of 10 and 50.

Grab it quick cashier to Andy: You looking for suspects or dates?

Jason to Andy: Faeries are like catnip to vampires. Sookie’s just got a tiny bit of faery in her and they go crazy.

Jessica to Bill: I was so worried that it was gonna be you, and it was me. Tell me they’re no’t dead, please.

Sookie to Ben: Get the fuck off of me or die, “Warlow!”



De bästa replikerna ur You're no Good

Här kommer de bästa replikerna från senaste avsnittet, det är som har plockat ut replikerna! Min favorit är denna:
Sookie: Listen to yourself, you really believe you’re God. You’re not God Bill, you’re just an asshole.
Haha Sookie är rolig!


Eric to Willa: You are about to die for your father’s sins and not your own, but you are going to die, and you will not scream.
Bill to jess: I have to stop them, I have to save them, Lillith came to me.
Sookie to Niall: You gotta realize that I can barely remember the last time I wasn’t in danger. Danger, it’s a fact of life for me, so if I go get all worked up every time I’m in trouble it’s like I’m crying “wolf” to myself. So, I try to keep an even keel, I take regular danger in stride and that way I’ve still got a real healthy fear for when the shit really hits the fan.
Niall to Sookie: Warlow is the proverbial “shit hitting the fan.” Don’t underestimate him.
Niall to Sookie: What is it that they say? “Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.”
Pam to Eric: We finished packing up. Everything her father didn’t steal or destroy is in this box.
Eric to Pam: It’s just a bar, Pam.
Pam to Eric: Not even you believe that.
Pam to Eric: I beg you, cut off her head and rest it on her stomach and when the governor storms in here again and he’ll have that lovely image seared in his memory forever. Either do that or what my prude progeny suggested, but don’t bring her with.
Eric to Pam: None of this is ours anymore; Burrell already took it and we have nothing to negotiate with. We have nothing to fight him with. All we have is her, the girl lives.
Eric to Pam: The world is changing Pam and we have to change with it.
Lafayette: That mangy bitch had a mean right.
Lafayette to Jessie: I’ll bust in your fucking face with this bottle, now that’s a threat, what I just gave you was some more than good advice.
Lafayette to Jessie and Nicole: Erase!
Lafayette to Sam: Sammy, before you turn into a snake or bear or some shit that I can’t have a conversation with, what insane plan do you got cooking in that pretty little head of yours. That girl is right about one thing, everybody needs help, especially you and especially now and I’m gonna say this once because I ain’t into that mushy shit, but you gave me a chance when nobody else would. Hired me when I really needed a job and you always treated me with respect, so yes, I is in and I’m asking, what’s the mother fuckin’ plan, boyfriend.
Ginger to Eric: Well, Well, Well, if it isn’t Eric Northman come a knockin’ on my door.
Eric to Ginger: I finally decided to take you up on your offer for a sleep over.
Ginge to Eric: Come on in, you big, bad vampire.
Eric to Ginger: I hope you don’t mind, I brought some friends.
Ginger to Eric: Does this mean we’re not fuckin’?
Eric to Ginger: Sadly Ginger, no we’re not fuckin’ on this occasion. However, the night will come when we do, this I promise you.
Bill to Jessica: Lillith gave me the answer, I only had to realize it. When she came to me, when we talked, it was daylight. We were standing in the noon day sun. I could feel the warmth on my skin. I could literally feel the rays, and I did not burn. Sookie drove a wooden stake through my chest and I pulled it out like it was a splinter from my finger. I walked through fire. I’m having visions, prescient visions. I am Lillith’s profit, I feel like I could, I feel immortal.
Jessica to Bill: You are my world, Bill you are my father, my maker, my friend, please don’t do this to me.
Sookie to Jason: Sometimes when people pass on, we forget all the bad stuff and only remember the good and like to make them perfect in our memories.
Alcide to Rikki: That’s enough, now she’s got no mother or father, thanks to me. We will protect our own, I’m the pack master, she’s wolf, she stays.
Andy to Holly: Damn it girls, how many times do I have to tell you, hand lasers off! I do want you to know something. There’s plenty of places I could have taken you to today, places closer to town, but this place I brought you to, terry and I practically grew up here. We called it “Fort Bellefleur.” It was always a safe place to us, a sanctuary. We don’t have to get naked again if you don’t want to, but I’dlike to be your Fort Bellefleur.
Eric to Willa: I’m a vampire, I’m meant to be dead during the day.
Eric to Willa: There is only one Fangtasia.
Jessica: The night we came back to town, the night Sookie staked you, I stayed. I was scared of you but I stayed because you said you needed me, you said I was the only one who you could trust. Now that we know it’s about my survival, you can’t ask me to stay here like a little girl. Don’t shut me out, let me help.
Bill to Jessica: And Jess, you should wear something inappropriate, Tagahashi’s got a thing for young women.
Sharah to Steve: You hurt me Steve, you embarrassed me and then you disappeared along with all our friends and our money.
Steve to Sarah: Yea, but then you wrote a book about it. which I read, by the way. It didn’t paint me in the best light, but considering those sales numbers, I’m assuming you’re doing ok now.
Sarah: You’re right about that, I should be thanking you, but I’m not going to. You just asked me a minute ago what this place is? This place is everything that we used to dream about; it’s what the fellowship of the sun has all been leading to, God’s master plan to save the human race by eradicating the vampire race. And, the best part is, you, Steve, are a vampire.
Sarah to Steve: Don’t bullshit a bullshitter, I’m in politics now.
Sarah to Steve:, What I’ve realized is that you can effect the kind of change, I mean the real kind of change that you and I were looking to effect from the pulpit. The truth is, if you really want to do God’s work, you have to be in politics.
Bill  to Sookie: I play by a different set of rules now Sookie.
Bill to Sookie: This is what my progeny needs, this is what is demanded of me.
Sookie to Bill: Listen to yourself, you really believe you’re God. You’re not God Bill, you’re just an asshole.
Sookie to Bill: OK, I get it, you’ve got special powers and I can no longer command you to leave, but if what if what you and I shared meant anything, will you please get the fuck out of my house?
Bill to Sookie: You won’t reconsider? You’re dead to me Sookie Stackhouse.
Sookie: I’m good with that.
Werewolf: Fuck vampyrs where they live.
Pam to Eric: Isn’t this sweet, you and your human sitting up in a coffin together, like Sookie all over again.
Eric to Governor: The only reason I haven’t killed her yet is that I’m trying to decide on the best way to do it. Do I drink her, no, I think she might enjoy that. You see, she’s developing a little thing for me. I think she’s developing a little thing for me. I have a friend here who thinks I should decapitate her, that’s always fun, but messy. Maybe I should just take it to the internet and let the people decide. One thing is for certain though, I am going to kill her and I’m not going to put her on the phone to say goodbye to daddy.
Sookie to Ben: why can I feel you listening when I can’t feel the others?
Andy to Bill: You probably haven’t heard, I’ve got kids now, four of them, super cute.
Bill to Andy: Congratulations, children, what a blessing. You’ve got to enjoy them, time goes by so fast, they’ll be out of the house before you know it.


Bästa replikerna från The Sun

Jag var tyvärr borta hela helgen och hade ingen chans att uppdatera. Dock är jag ledig i morgon och på onsdag så då kan ni vara beredda på roliga grejer här! här kommer de bästa replikerna från The Sun, alltså förra avsnittet (inte det som har kommit ut idag)
Min favorit replik är denna, den var så mäktig när han sa den!
Bill: I can see the future. They’re all gonna burn.
Här är resten bra repliker

Jason to Niall: If you know me so well, you know I hate tests.

Pam to Nora and Eric: Maybe we should be scared, there’s more of them than us and they’re pissed and now there are fuckin’ weapons and they stole all my shit and you and you’re fucking authority cronies fucked us.

Nora to Pam: I’m so so sorry that your little bar was robbed and your scared but Eric and I have to deal with a small matter of killing a vampire God.

Eric to all: If humans want war, we’ll give them war. Scour the vampire bible; figure out what kind of monster Bill is.

Lillith: We are in no place. You think you still get to be Bill Compton? It is the beginning, events have been set in motion.

Arlene to Sookie: Sookie Stackhouse, I don’t know who you think you are, but last time I checked, you  were still a waitress at a little diner called Merlottes and it says here, you have a shift. And in case you’ve forgotten that means you serve people food and they give you money.

Arlene to Sookie: Well, guess what missy hangover, that ain’t my GD problem.

Arlene to Patrick’s wife: Life is really a shit sandwich sometimes.

Arlene to Merlotte’s LA guest: Sugar, this is Bon Temps.Down here organic means you play the fancy piano at church.

Sam to Nicole: Listen, Nicole you seem like a nice person but you don’t know fuck all about my life, this is Louisiana, do you know what that means?

Nicole to Sam: I know that my white grandmother and my black grandfather were freedom riders and in 1961 they defied members of the civil rights movement, even Dr. King. They boarded a bus and drove down to the deep south to end segregation and they were attacked and yea, they were a little naive, but their actions started the civil rights movement.So, yea, I know what the fuck that means.

Lillith to Bill: A tyrant is rising; it is the beginning of the end. You must complete my work.

Lillithto Bill: There is no God, but God.

Ben to Sookie: Sometimes it don’t matter how hard you try to do the right thing, it just turns out wrong.

Ben to Sookie: It’s been a long time since anybody showed me even an ounce of human kindness. It makes the big bad world seem a little less lonely.

Andy to the wherever Maurella is: They keep growing, what the hell’s that about? Their faeries, I don’t know shit about baby faeries. You need to take ‘em back.

Andy to the wherever Maurella is: I want to be a good daddy to these kids, but I don’t know how.

Jason to Niall: Sookie said he just came through the air, like his face was in a ziplock bag.

Governor to Eric: They attacked a Chuckie Cheese yesterday. A vampire stole two little kids, turned them into to tiny little vampires and those little fangers, well they murdered their mama and daddy, sucked them dry right in their own living room.

Eric to Governor: I suppose they were just trying to survive, those little baby vampires, just like the whooping crane.

Governor to Eric: I have spent years waiting for the political winds to swing my way and then you fuckers went out and bombed your own damn true blood factories. All of a sudden, no more obstacles, I’m a genius, so thank you for that. It’s time for humans to bite back.

Jason to Sookie: Sookie Stackhouse, I’d like you to meet our faery granfather, Niall, he’s gonna help us kill Warlow.

Jason to Sookie: He’s been trackin’ Warlow like he’s bubba fete, like an intergalactic bounty hunter. Not actual inter-galactic travel but space and time shit that kinda hurts my head.

Jason to Sookie and Niall: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re a King? That makes you a faery princess and me a faery prince.

Niall to Jason: The gene skipped you.

Niall to Sookie: We can channel our light into a single ball of energy that when released will go super nova killing any vampire it touches.

Martha to Sam: I am sorry if my mistake caused Luna her life, but Emma belongs with us.

Jessica to Bill: You said you could feel the pain of all vampires, I was wondering if you could feel mine, because I’m scared.

Jessica to Bill: It feels like the world is spinning out of control and I have this terrible feeling that out there its just chaos and in here…I was raised on the human bible and then you gave me the vampire bible and i don’t know if I believe any of it.Are you Lillith? Are you God?

Lillith to Bill: You will save us, save us all. You will know what to do, trust what you see.

Bill: I can see the future. They’re all gonna burn.


Bästa replikerna från Säsong 6 avsnitt 1

De här har jag kopierat från eftersom de plockar alltid ut de bästa replikerna och då tycker jag det är lika bra att jag tar dem och visar er också! Dock lägger jaqg till några mer som jag kommer ihåg extra.
Jag har någon lite "badass" kärlek. Jag gillar verkligen den här nya guvenören, han kan nog var väldigt farlig men av någon anledning så gillar jag honom skarpt!

Guvenör Burrell – I swore an oath to serve and protect the people of this state, people, not vampires.

Guvenör Burrell – When human tax paying citizens can no longer walk on their streets at night without fearing for our lives, then we have to take our streets back.  As of this moment, I am instituting a state wide curfew.  All vampires are to remain indoors or underground after sundown.  I’m enforcing executive order #846, we are closing down all vampire run businesses.

Guvenör Burrell  – I’m asking you, if any of you have a financial and “legal,” I mean legal means to do it, buy a gun.  Buy as many as you can. Stock up on wooden bullets.  This is still America and you have the right to defend yourselves and the people you love.

As Andrew Jackson once said, peace above all things must be desired, blood must sometimes must be shed to obtain it on equitable and lasting terms.

Eric till Pam: Get over it and have my back or get out of my face.

Pam till Eric:  Who the fuck is Mary Poppins and can I please kill her?

Pam till Eric: In over a hundred years, you never thought to mention, hey by the way, I have this super irritating sister, wait ‘til you meet her, you’re really gonna hate her guts? Other than the fact that I’ve shared my entire life with you an all you do is lie to me

Eric till Pam: Get over it and have my back, or get out of my face.

Pam till Tara: I hate the beach, fish piss and sand in your couch.

Tara till Pam: You know Love doesn’t have to be a competition between you and everybody else.

Sookie till Eric: Bill was my first everything, lovin’ him is just in my blood now.

Jason till Nora: I am sick as fuck of you bloodsuckers brain raping me against my will.

Jason till alla: You think I’m afraid of dying? I’ve been dead inside ever since I found out that vampyr killed my parents.

Pam till Jessica och Eric: Honey it’s been good knowing you, Good luck.  I assume this is none of our business?

Alcide’s pappa till Alcide: The only way to be pack master is to inherit the flesh.

Martha till Rikki: The vampire blood blood he drank will wear off; power is a more dangerous drug it’s a way to men’s decency.

Arlene till Andy: Andy Bellefleur, if you think you can sit out here all la de dah, while Terry and I raise your litter of alien babies, you’ve got another think coming.

Arlene till Andy: Well, I’ve got news for you Andy, Life ain’t fair and there ain’t no Santa Clause neither, and when you stick Mr. Happy inside somebody’s who ha without a raincoat on, babies come out.

Andy till Arlene: Hog tits, Arlene.  I haven’t had a chance to read a book or take a God damn poop class; if that even exists; I don’t know how to take care of my own babies; that’s the sad truth.

Lafayette till Sam: Is this about your girlfriend turning into Steve Newlin on TV because that was the sickest shit I’ve ever seen and I watch “dance Moms”.

Lafayette till Emma: Do you want something deep fried and dipped in sugar and fried all over again?

Lafayette till Sam: Wrong place at the wrong time ought to be my middle fuckin’ name.

Bill till gruppen på verandan: I am Bill Compton, though clearly, I am something more. I see that now. I see everything so differently now.  The fear in your eyes, I know I put that there but I promise you, the man who did that to you is gone.

Sookie till gruppen: That’s right, Bill Compton is gone, he died, I felt it.

Governor Burrell till flaskföretaget: Louisiana needs revenue, I need revenue, I need revenue if I want to be elected, that’s what’s in it for me.

Rikki till Alcide: I’m your #1 bitch. Don’t ever forget it.

Tara till Pam: I know what it’s like to be betrayed by the people you trust the most, but sometimes it takes losing some shit to find something new.

Pam till Tara: You have no idea what it’s like to be someone’s partner for 100 years.

Pam till Tara: Oh, honey, this isn’t going to be some epic fucking love story. You can’t replace him and you never will.

Pam till vakter: What are you guys, wait let me guess, “male strippers?”

Sookie till Eric: I’ve had Bill’s blood, if he wants, he’ll find me.

Sookie till Eric: Bill’s not the only one who’s changed.My life, it’s so different from how I thought it would turn out I’m not who I thought I’d turn out to be.

Eric till Sookie: Well, to me you’ll always be that girl in the white dress.

Sookie till Eric: I want to be that girl again, the one in the white dress.  I want my life back which is why I’m rescinding your invitation to my house.

Nora till Eric: I don’t know about Bill’s weakness, I think I may have just found yours.

Eric till Nora: Nora, my darling sister, don’t stir this pot.

Bill till Jessica: I don’t know what I am.  I don’t know why I am which is why I need you more than ever.

Bill till Jessica: I need you to keep me honest, to tell it to me as it is cause surviving a staking is some heady fucking shit. You’re the only one I can trust.

Jason till ? [Rutger Hauer]: My sister’s ex boyfriend might have just turned into some evil vampire monster thing.

Jason till? [Rutger Hauer]: I feel like that little gay boy in that movie that said “I see dead people,” but it’s not like that movie anyway.

Andy till barn: Hello, I'm Sheriff Andy Bellefleur



Replik ur True Blood

Den här gillar jag verkligen, Russell var brilliant jag gilalde verkigen honom!
Russell: Are you serious? I am almost three thousand years old!

Replik ur True Blood

Den här är från säsong 5, men jag kallar det inte spoiler eftersom det är en flashback på när Eric gjorde Pam. Alla vet ju redan att han har skapat henne. Detta är ett långt klipp (har ingen egen dator så jag kan inte klippa ner klippen) och det finns många bra repliker i den men jag tänker mest på repliken i slutet som är väldigt vacker. 
repliken kommer vid 8:50 typ
Eric: Pamela (älskar att han använder hela namnet) what have you done?
Pam: Let me walk the world with you Mr Northman, or watch me die.
Vissa säger att Pam är elak som tvingar Eric att göra henne till vampyr. Vad dessa människor verkar ha glömt är att vampyrer inte värdesätter människor som vi gör, de går inte runt och har speciellt mycket skuldkänslor. Han hade lätt kunnat låta henne dö utan att bry sig, men han såg något i henne som han gillade, Han hade antagligen gjort henne till vampyr förr eller senare. Allt hon gjorde var bara att få honom att bestämma sig.
Men alla vet hur hård Eric är, han hade lätt kunnat lämna henne för att blöda till döds. Han sliter med nöje ut andras hjärtan så att...
Det är även kul att se att Bill och Eric möts första gången och man ser verkligen på Bill att han är en ny liten vampyr. Så söt och arg!

Replik ur True Blood

Jag håller på att kolla om True Blood nu och är på säsong 2, när jag kom över den här repliken som jag kommer visa idag! Väldigt rolig och jag gillar hur Sookie är så skarp och svarar snabbt väldigt kaxigt. Många säger att Sookie blir tuffare i de senare säsongerna men nu när jag kollar om så får jag nästan säga att hon har varit väldigt orädd och tuff ända sedan början. Det är väl mer att hon är mer van vid att farliga saker händer henne senare i säsongerna!
Repliken är från säsong 2 avsnitt 3 (Scratches) sedan så måste man ju bara älska Bills min när Sookie har sagt "I prefer cancer" hahaha priceless!
Eric: Your suprise me, that is a rare quality in a breather
Sookie: You disguess me
Eric: Perhaps I'll grow on you
Sookie: I prefer cancer

Replik ur True Blood

Vet att den är lite sen, förlåt! Men den här repliken är ifrån säsong 3 avsnitt 12 (Evil is going on). Det är Eric som står för den roliga repliken när han försöker få Bill och Alcides uppmärksamhet och för att få dem att göra sitt jobb...
Eric: When you two are finish eye fucking each other, can we go?

Replik ut True Blood

Vem älskar inte Pam när hon blir arg och kastar ur sig fula ord? Det här är från säsong 4 avsnitt 12 (And when I die). Och detta borde inte vara någon spoiler för någon!
Pam: Sookie, I'm so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelivibly stupid name FUCK SOOKIE. I've been with Eric over a hundred years. I've wached him seduce supermodels and princesses and spit out their bones when he is finished. How can someone named SOOKIE take him away from me?
Det gör lite ont att se Pam så otroligt ledsen och sårad. Jag tycker riktigt synd om henne, men hur vackerts är det inte att Ginger kramar henne även om hon säger åt henne att inte röra henne. 

Replik ur True Blood

Igår så fick ni ju ingen replik så jag täntke att ni får den idag isället! Den här är från säsong 5 avsnitt 6 (Hopeless) dock tycker jag inte att det är så mycket spoilers i den så alla kan se den. Här har ni föresten ett av Carries brillianta "moves" som Arlene, ni ser vid 0.10, det är så typiskt Arlene att göra så tycker jag och Carrie spelar det väldigt bra! 
Annars så är det roliga med det här klippet att Sookie dels är bakfull och att hon är heltrött på killar och tycker de är idioter allihop. Det tycker jag är väldigt roligt! 
Sookie: Not only do I have the worst hangover I ever had.

Replik ur True Blood *SÄSONG 5 SPOILERS*

Den här repliken är från säsong 5 avsnitt 12 så ni som inte har sett säsong 5 ännu SKA INTE SE den här då den innehåller stora spoilers.
Eric: Oh sweetie dont be a fool.
Jason: If I want to be a fool then I will be a fool! That is my God given right as an American!


Replik ur True Blood

Den här repliken är ur säsong 5 avsnitt 1 (Turn! Turn! Turn!) Jag älskar hur seriös rösten som säger repliken är egentligen men avslutar väldigt kul. Typiskt vampyrbeteende kan jag tycka. Man har sina grejer man ska säga. Men man visar ändå hur tuff och hård man är.
In the name of the one true Vampire Authority, in whose wisdom and justice all is made manifest by God, do not fucking move!

Replik ur True Blood

Jag tror att ni alla är med mig när jag säger att den här repliken är MER än rolig alltså! Det är med Lafayette och han får en beställning på hamburgare med AIDS ;)
Den är från säsong 1 avsnitt 5 (Sparks fly out) och ja, ni kan se hela klippet för allt de säger är brillianta repliker men ändå lite extra uppmärksamhet till
Lafayette: Who orded a hamburger with AIDS?
Lafayette: Tip your waitress 
och glöm inte
Lafayette: Everything on your god damn table got AIDS

Replik ur True Blood

Den här repliken är ifrån säsong 5 och den är fruktansvärt rolig och visar verkligen den sanna sidan av The Typical Bon Tempsaren! För det är såhär jag kan tänka mig att de flesta är i den lilla staden. Om ni inte sett slutet av säsong 4 så SE INTE DENNA. Om ni sett hela säsong 4 men inte säsong 5 så kan ni ändå se denna utana tt bli spoilad!
Mannen: Knock knock. Who's there? Me the vampire. Pfffsss. Aaah it burns it burns. I'm gonna leave you alone and go and eat your neighbour.

Replik ur True Blood

Den här repliken är helt underbar. Scenen är med Andy och Jason från säsong 3 avsnitt 1 (Bad Blood). Jason har precis skjutit Eggs och han vill vara en ny person men han får strikta order att det får han inte.
Andy: Consciense off, dick on and everything is gonna be alright
Andy har verkligen sina guldrepliker! Och Ryan, wow vilken bra skådespelare han är det är helt fruktansvärt!

Veckans replik

Den här repliken är från säsong 1 avsnitt 2 (First taste). Det är när Sookie har blivit misshandlad och Bill räddar henne och ger henne sitt blod. Rolig replik tycker jag!
Bill: Can I ask you a personal question?
Sookie: Bill, you were just licked blood out of my head. I don't think it gets much more personal than that.

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