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Bilden är tagen med ett fan när de spelade in avsnitt 3 av säsong 5. Det ser ut som Jason har fått en blåtira?

Vad hände när Terry var i Irak? SPOILERS


We’ve previously reported that Scott Foley is going to play Terry’s army buddy and he was introduced in True Blood season 4.  That episode was just to introduce him and he’ll be sticking around for the fifth season.
According to TV Guide, with Scott Foley in season 5, the show will reveal “what happened in Iraq that caused the Merlotte’s chef to come back with such a severe case of PTSD.”


There’s going to be “a flashback to 2003″ that will “see his squad head out for a night of partying and mischief that goes tragically awry.” Uh-oh, it sounds like this isn’t going to just be a case of something happened while he was in Iraq. It makes sense that he has such a bad case of PTSD if whatever happened to him happened when he was least expecting it. His squad was planning for a night of fun, and even though they’re soldiers, that doesn’t mean they expected something to happen when they were just expecting “partying and mischief.” That still doesn’t answer the question of why Patrick (Foley) is in town, and he didn’t give him anything in the season 4 finale as to why he has stopped by—or why he’s apparently staying.


As sad as it was to see Henry die on Grey’s Anatomy, it does mean Scott Foley’s free to be in True Blood season 5, and that means there’s time to explore more about Terry’s past and what brings Patrick to town. There were plenty of questions left after season 4 ended, but what happened to Terry to lead to the PTSD is one that has been around for much longer, and it’s good that they’re finally going to be addressing that. What better way than to do it when one of his old buddies is around?


Dagens Bild

The halls of the art department are covered with collages just like this one, with photos and inspirations for various sets and locations, as well as blueprints used in the building of these sets.

True Blood Season 5: ''Buried'' tease

Källa: Youtube
Svar på en fråga: Säsong 5 av True Blood kommer ha premiär i USA i sommar (juni/juli) 175 dagar kvar för att vara exakt. WAITING SUCKS! Vi vet inte exakt datum för seriens start, det är alldeles för tidigt för att säga vad jag vet (/Cornelia)

Grattis Sam Trammell!

Grattis Sam Trammell på födelsesdagen!
Önskar vi på truebloods.se

Säsong 5 - Vargarna

Casting Call - The wolves
The roles we're casting this week? The WOLVES of Season 5! This photo was taken by Alan Ball himselp at the first official wolf meeting of the season. The trainers distracted the wolves with chicken treats whilr Alan and several others -- producers, directors, ADs, cinematographers -- lookes on and discussed which wolves to cast as which chatacters.


Coming up -> Trailer för True Blood säsong 5.

I morgon (om nästan precis ett dygn). Så kommer en trailer, dock inte alls lång för True Blood säsong 5 komma ut! Hur excited är ni? Förhoppningsvis får vi en inblick vad som kommer ske och vilka som kommer stå i centrum!

Dagens Bild - Setting up the Sets

Of True Blood season 5

Avsnitt 5x03 - bild.


AXN Magazine

Klicka för större bilder.


Jag ska bli bättre på att blogga, det är dock lite mycket och jag har minne som en guldfisk! / C

Tre nya skådespelare

Här är tre nya skådespelare som kommer vara med i True Blood säsong 5. Det är Aaron Christian Howles som kommer spela Rocky Cleary, Jamie Grey Hyder som kommer spela Danielle och en som kommer spela Team Captian 1.

Aaron Christian Howles [Rocky Cleary]


16, Caucasian, a hunter, he is Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) eldest son who doesn’t think very highly of Holly…7 lines, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURRING

Jamie Grey Hyder [Danielle]


This female werewolf wonders how much longer a prisoner is going to last under interrogation…1 line, 1 scene POSSIBLE RECURING

Matthew Glen Johnson [Team Captain 1]

Seen in flashback, this 12-year-old boy is a bully who doesn’t pick Sookie for his kick ball team…1 line, 1 scene

Giles Matthey ska spela Claude


According to EOnline, Jessica will hook up with the the new character of “Claude” in Season 5. Even though she already has Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) fighting for her affections, they report that baby vamp Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) is about to get a new love interest this next season.

So who’s playing Jessica’s new suitor? Here’s what they say…

Giles Matthey
Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Relative newcomer Giles Matthey is set to recur on True Blood’s upcoming season in the role of Claude, a very attractive and mysterious young man, HBO confirms to us. And yes ladies, the British actor will be putting that accent to good use when he shows up in Bon Temps. Seems like even vampires can’t resist a sexy accent!

Described as “omni-sexual,” Claude catches the attention and curiosity of Jessica and will first appear in episode three of the new season.  Fans of The Good Wife may recognize Matthey from his turn as Dick Anders in a recent episode.

Here’s the casting call that was released earlier for the part of Claude:

[CLAUDE] Early 20s. Very attractive, omni-sexual guy (with and without a shirt). A mysterious young man who speaks with a British accent and catches Jessica’s attention and curiosity. Recurring. Must have a British Accent. (41) Possible series regular season 6.

Claude är ju Claudines tvillingsyster. Tycker ni de är lika?

What is Coming in Season 5?

From the mouth of Alan Ball himself: ''We're really going to find out what the vampire Authority is all about''

Alexander Skarsgård i August Man Magazine

Snygga Alexander Skarsgård är med i August Man Magazine, Januari 2012. (klicka på källan för större bilder)


Anna Paquin in OPI GelColor Ads

Vackra Anna Paquin gör reklam för nagellackset GelColor av OPI.

Video: Swedish Invasion - Alexander Skarsgård

I videon pratar de om att många svenska skådespelare som tex. Alexander Skarsgård, hans pappa Stellan Skarsgård, Noomi Rapace, Michael Nykvist, Joel Kinnaman och Malin Åkerman gör succé i Hollywood nu.

Carrie Preston på People's Choice Awards

Bilder på den fantastika Carrie Preston från People's Choice Awards. Tyvärr vann inte True Blood någonting.


Spoilers- Will Jessica Get a New Love Interest?

Frågan: I’m going through serious True Blood withdrawals. Got anything to hold me over until summer?

Svar (Taylor): Jessica might be getting a new love interest who has an advantage over Jason and Hoyt: he’s British and very attractive. Plus, his name is Claude. Try competing with that.

What do you think? Will Jessica be going after Sookie’s fairy cousin Claude?


Video: True Blood - Make up Tutorial

Hittade en True Blood video på Youtube :) De visar hur man sminkar sig som Sookie & Eric

'Inside' True Blood Säsong 4.


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