True Blood Season 5: Echoes Of The Past - "Fangtasia"

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True Blood Season 5: Echoes Of The Past - "Bill's House"

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True Blood Season 5: Echoes Of The Past - "Sookie's House"

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Fick en kommentar om detta, så tänkte skriva om det i ett inlägg så att alla ser...
Tänkte bara påminna om att vi har Google Translate i bloggen högst upp på vänster sida!
Där kan man översätta allt i bloggen till det språket man vill ha. Oftast därför vi inte översätter engelska intervjuer och texter.
Just going to remind everybody that we have Google Translate at the left side of the blog/fansite, at the top. There you can translate the blog to whatever language you want.
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Intervju med Kristen Bauer Van Straten

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Van Straten is, as we all know, not only one of our favorite TV vampires, but she is also a big supporter of animal rights.

Growing up with many animals in Wisconsin helped to shape Bauer into the animal-rights and environmental activist she is today. She is an active member of the charities IFAW and the Amanda Foundation, which are charities also supported by this web site.


Below Kristin answers questions by Robin Bronk from The Washington Scene.

Robin Bronk: If you had five minutes in the Oval Office with President Obama, what would you discuss with him? What issue would you like him to know about?

Kristin Bauer: I can’t imagine how full his plate is — mine is pretty full, and I’m not the leader of the free world — but he also has much more help than I.

I know he is aware of these issues and, of course, many more, but an area I am very concerned about is the safety and treatment of our animals and our food. At the least we have the right to know what we are eating with full labeling. Animals also have a right to not be enslaved and tortured, not to mention the devastating effect farmed animals and engineered food may have on our bodies and the body of Earth. The impact of factory farms makes cars look like air purifiers.


RB: If you could give President Obama one piece of advice, what would that be?
KB: Giving him advice on his job is possibly as silly as him giving me advice on acting, but I did participate in electing him and I care about life on Earth.

I care about what corporations are coercing in Washington for their own profits, often against nature and life. I care about the revolving door of positions between large corporations, who now openly fund campaigns, and high-level positions in the White House. It’s easy to see who these companies are by looking up who gets what job in the White House and which industries get lots of help and a pass on some taxes and environmental protections. They fund campaigns, and one must campaign to stay in office. I get it. Not sure of the solution, as I understand wanting to keep one’s job. But … life is life and is miraculous, from a blade of grass to the mammoth blue whale, and there is a non-monetary price to pay for manipulating nature to increase stock prices. And the price will be paid by humans. Earth will be fine without us. She doesn’t need us to thrive, but we do need her.


RB: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would that be?
The same thing we must all ask ourselves: When does the ends truly justify the means, and when does it not? Can you do mostly good, while being supported by and in turn helping corporations, whose only measure of “good” is profit, and how do you continue to weigh that out? As I believe we all must ask ourselves, in some measure, in our daily lives, if we are to get to continue to sustainably borrow Earth for our home, and also sleep in good conscience at the end of the day.


Read the rest of this interview with Kristin by going to:



SPOILER!- Additional Casting Call for True Blood, Episode 5.07

De har fortfarande inte kommit på titeln ti avsnittet men det kommer att skrivas av Brian Buckner och direktören är Michael Ruscio. We still don’t have a title for this episode, but it will be written by Brian Buckner and directed by Michael Ruscio. En ytterligare "casting call" har släppts för detta avsnitt och det är intressant att notera att de kommer ha "full frontal nudity".

[LIL] Female, early to late 20s, Caucasian. She’s supermodel beautiful. Strong and ethereal. No lines in the first episode. Recurring. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED.



Meet the New Writer

Angela Robinson has joined True Blood's little writers room and is off to a running start. Here's an interview with her.

What were you up to before you joined us here in Bon Temps?

Angela: I was working as a Co-EP on Hung.

Gianna: Were you a fan of the show before you joined the team?

Angela: I was! Although, I wasn't up to date.

Gianna: What's it been like joining a show already in its 5th season?

Angela: It's been really fun and exciting. Alan is awesome to work with and the other writers have been very welcoming and are insanely talented. I'm in prep for my first episode now, so I am just now meeting the cast and crew.

Gianna: Which episodes are you writing?

Angela: I will be writing episodes 505 and 511.

Gianna: What's been the most challenging part of the new job?

Angela: I think getting a feel for the tone of the show and the voices of the characters. I've always been on shows since the beginning, so it's a different ballgame to come into a show where everything is already established and figuring out how to do your thing within the established parameters.

Gianna: Who's your favorite character to write for and why?

Angela: I've only written one episode -- but so far, I really like writing for Sookie, I enjoy her struggle to retain a sense of normalcy in her increasingly dangerous life. And I like writing Jessica, I think the dichotomy between her natural goodness and the dark side of her vampireness is fun to explore.

Gianna: How is True Blood different from other shows you've worked on?

Angela: It's way mellower, and the hours are great!  Of course, I haven't entered production yet.  Ask me again in a month.

Gianna: Any fun hints you can drop about the coming season?

Angela: I am terrified to utter a peep because there are so many rabid fans out there, so I am going to remain mum on that.  Suffice to say it will be awesome.


Chris Bauer i ‘The Office’

The Mighty Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer!) will be guesting this year on The Office. According to series showrunner Paul Lieberstein (who also plays Toby), Chris will portray “a manager of another branch who’s angry at Jim and Dwight over clients that they’ve been stealing.”


"What to Expect When You're Expecting" Trailer Med Joe Manganiello

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