Intervju med Ryan Kwanten

True Blood's Ryan Kwanten berättar om sin nya film "Legend of the Guardians" i videon nedan, där de också pratar om "True Blood" :)



Nelsan Ellis om hans nya film Secretariat

Nu kanske har hört talas om Nelsan Ellis nya film Secretariat? :D

I den här intervju pratar Nelsan om hur svårt det var att kontrollera en häst så att scenen skulle funka och så pratar han lite om en tjej som heter Diane Lane som också har en roll i filmen.



Sesame Street's ''True Mud''

Imagine the opening bar scene from the series premiere with puppets. No season of Sesame Street would be complete without the show making fun of pop culture, so they’ve created a parody of HBO’s True Blood called TrueMud.


Intervju med Ryan Kwanten intervjuade Ryan Kwanten om olika filmer han håller på med.

Was it nice that they you to use your own Australian voice?

Ryan Kwanten: "Yeah, it was one of the few times I’ve decided to use the Australian accent in my jobs. I sort of got out here, the very first job I actually got as an American out here and it was only after the table reading where they realized that I was Australia. They said, 'Oh, that’s kind of interesting. Can you use that now?' I said sure, and after that moment I said to my people I kind of just want to do American accents until I get myself established out here. Then I’ll choose to go back to the Australian when the time is right. This was just something that reared its head and I thought yeah, the time is right to go back and do it."

On True Blood they really trade on your body. What was it like to only use your voice?

Ryan Kwanten: "Personally, I don’t see it as just using my body. I think there’s a huge array of things at my [disposal.]"

I don’t mean to minimize it - just that they enjoy showing your body. In this it’s just your voice.

Ryan Kwanten: "No, no, no, that’s fine. Well, Jason’s very liberal with his body. I always think there’s method to his madness. There’s a reason why he does what he does. But, yeah, you have to believe in the reality of the situation whether you’re playing Jason or whether you’re playing the character of Kludd. If you only have your voice to do it, you still have to believe in it."

You have to be mean to the cute little baby owlet. How do you imagine performing that scene?

Ryan Kwanten: "That you have to believe that he’s doing it for the greater good, for what he thinks is the greater good."

Did this come to you after True Blood had started?

Ryan Kwanten: "Yes, I think we were somewhere between the hiatus period between one and two."

Has the show opened a lot of doors for you?

Ryan Kwanten: "Oh yeah, I think just the level of A) the people that watch it and B) just the classiness of HBO can’t help it."

Did you have to record a lot of battle sounds?

Ryan Kwanten: "Oh, there were battle sounds, there were exertion bumps, efforts of flying, all sorts of things."

Was it days and days of that?

Ryan Kwanten: "I wouldn’t say days and days."

Did you read any of the books?

Ryan Kwanten: "No, I did not. We were told, well I was told from the beginning that it would be a very film savvy version of that. So I respect Kathryn [Lasky's] work 100% but I didn’t want to be persuaded one way or the other if my character had a different arc, perhaps, in the film to that in the books."

Are you interested in reading her version now?

Ryan Kwanten: "Absolutely, because now obviously with the potential of doing a sequel, you want to see if there’s an arc there and also see what did transpire in the books that was different to the film."

Would Kludd be even more mean next time?

Ryan Kwanten: "I don't know how much we can give away, but I don’t think he’s a happy camper. It’s going to be harder to bring him back from the brink of evilness."

Will Jason be there for Sookie after her betrayal by Bill next season on True Blood?

Ryan Kwanten: "Oh, that’s yet to be decided."

Will there be more panther action?

Ryan Kwanten: "I’m guessing so, but your guess is as good as mine. I don't know."

You were used for less comic relief this past season. How did you like the more mature Jason?

Ryan Kwanten: "It’s really one of those things where whatever comes my way, whatever those writers are willing to conjure up and throw my way, I’m willing to play. I feel like I’m leaving myself in their capable hands and they have yet to let me down. They never cease to challenge me."

Do you think being a fairy is genetic? Could Jason be part fairy?

Ryan Kwanten: "That’s funny, you’re the second person that’s said that now and I hadn’t even thought of it before. That would be interesting, Jason Stackhouse as a fairy. I hadn’t thought of it."

I’m only the second person who wondered about that?

Ryan Kwanten: "Yeah. You’re the second interviewer."

How has being on True Blood changed your life?

Ryan Kwanten: "Obviously, there’s a certain amount of privacy stuff that changes but I’ve always been relatively reserved with my social encounters anyway. Outside of that, there’s just been a nice amount of work that’s come my way and the ability now to say no to projects if they don’t inspire me creatively. That’s a rare position for an actor to be in."

How about the regularity of having 13 episodes to do every year?

Ryan Kwanten: "Yeah, and the great thing is that it’s HBO and Alan Ball so they only shoot for six months of the year and I’ve got the other six months to do the film projects that I want to do, like Guardians."

What can you say about Knights of Badassdom?

Ryan Kwanten: "Yeah, I just finished shooting that with Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage. It’s sort of like Role Models meets Shaun of the Dead. It treads that fine line of comedy meets thriller/horror. That was really fun. We shot that, just finished in Spokane, Washington State. I’ve got Red Hill coming out in November and another one of my films just got into the Toronto Film Festival I just came back from called Griff the Invisible."

Do you get to be badass?

Ryan Kwanten: "Eventually. He has to learn to be badass. This is interesting, I sort of play the straight man in this and let Peter and Steve dance around me. I think there’s still comedy to be had in playing that straight game."

Is that an American character too?

Ryan Kwanten: "It is, yeah."

What about the other films?

Ryan Kwanten: "One’s American, the other one’s Australian."

What are those films about?

Ryan Kwanten: "Red Hill is sort of like a revenge Western. Griff the Invisible is like a spin on the atypical kind of superhero film. This is a guy who’s a sociophobe by day and at night he’s of the opinion that he’s a superhero protecting this town from the evil that exists."

The genres couldn’t be any more different. Are you drawn to lots of different genres?

Ryan Kwanten: "I’m drawn to a good story, really, as I hope most people are. For me, it’s the story that’s going to stay with you eventually, not necessarily the genre. I go to watch a film because of the story, not because it was a Western or a comedy."

Wtf moments i säsong 3 SPOILERS

"When it comes to WTF moments "True Blood" is the show to watch. Season 3 offered some really good “WTF just happened?!” moments that will be talked about for many months to come."

What is your favorite WTF moment?

10 WTF moments in True Blood season 3

1.Head turning sex of Bill and Lorena
2. Tara bashes in Franklin’s head
3. Lorena tortures Bill
4. Eric stakes Talbot during sex
5. Sam’s erotic dream about Bill
6. Joe Lee’s underwear
7. Eric bangs Yvetta in the dungeon
8. Russell rips the spine out of the news anchor
9. The beheading of the magister
10. Bill cements Eric


// Salisha

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Har ni sett de här fantastiska, coola och underbara True Blood kostymerna?! Det passar ju perfekt till Halloween också!

Kommer True Blood bli film?

Rumor has it that HBO is looking at the possibilities to bring True Blood to the big screen and turn their most successful show ever into a movie. According to HBO wants to do it “sooner rather than later” and that there’s a “chance” Alan Ball may want to direct.


OBS detta kan vara bara rykten! HBO eller Alan Ball har inte bekräftat detta än!

Men visst skulle det vara kul om True Blood blev film!!

Sam Trammell för Stand up 2 Cancer

Go Sam, go Sam go Sam! :D

Rutina Wesley i "When I was 17"

Rutina pratar lite om hur det var för henne när hon var 17 år och då får man också veta att hon var med i en show som heter Fame.


Poster + trailers till Ryans nya film

Skrev tidigare och la in den första trailern (HÄR) till en film som heter Legend of Guardians. Ryan Kwanten gör rösten till en uggla som heter Kludd. Nu har det kommit ut en nya poster och två nya tailers.

''Behind the Scenes''

Trailer 2


The Cast pratar lite om säsong 4 SPOILERS

Här pratar de om vad de tror kan hända i säsong 4 och om "häxor", som förväntas dyka upp. Kan inte vänta tills den säsongen kommer ut! :)

MTV Shows


// Salisha & Fanny :)


Äntligen lite nyheter från svt om säsong 3!

Källa: svt

Exakt datum är alltså inte bestämt, men mer info kommer säker snart ;)

New York Fashion Week

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) var på New York Fashion Week!


Watch out!

Joe you best watch your shit, Debbie is not impressed that you wore a jacket similar to hers and she is not afraid to cut you.




Jessica: Signing Off For a While

Jessica har uppdaterat sin blogg mer ett video inlägg :) Denna gång är Hoyt med också....

Jessica's Blog: Signing Off For A While

Intervju med Alexander Skarsgård

Här är ett klipp när tv-guide magazine interviewar Alexander Skarsgård :)


Källa: youtube

Coola bilder :)


// Salisha

Video: After season final SPOILERS

Allan Ball pratar lite om säsongsfinalen av säsong 3 men även om säsong 4!

SPOILER varning för de som inte sett säsong 3 & inte vill veta något om säsong 4...


Rihanna om Alexander Skarsgård!

Sångaren Rihanna kommer medverka i filmen Battleship där även Alexander Skarsgår har en roll. Filmen är planerad att släppas 2012 så det är ganska långt kvar tills dess, tyvärr. Filmen är faktiskt inspelad i Hawaii också, lyxigt! I intervjun pratar Rihanna om hur det är att jobba med Alexander, om hur han är och om hans otroliga höjd!

Jag älskar hennes röda hår, så fint!


2010 MTV Video Music Awards - More VMA Video

Trailern för Priest med Stephen Moyer

Åh, fy vad spännande! :D Det är inte min typ av film men jag tycker ändå ni ska ta och checka in trailern men jag vill varna för slutet för jag kan erkänna att jag hoppade till lite...hehe vilken fegis jag är! Alla Twilight fans, Cam Gigandet som spelade James är också med i denna filmen! Nu läste jag också att det är en vampyr film. Det verkar som om jag får ta och se den här filmen i alla fall. Men vi får vänta ett tag för den kommer ju ut sommaren 2011.

Läs mer om filmen här!


Intervju med Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley intervjuades nyligen av SISIUS XM och tja, vad ska man sä pratade väldigt mycket om silver tjep! :o

Ny bloggare!

Hejsan jag heter Salisha och ska börja blogga här i bloggen. Jag älskar True Blood & har redan sett hela säsong 3. Jag ser framemot att blogga här och tror att det kommer bli jätte kul :)

Min favorit i hela serien är Eric såklart ;) men även Lafayette!


Inside the Episode ''Evil Is Going On'' SPOILERS

Ep. 36: Inside the Episode

Evil Is Going On - Diskussion SPOILERS

Stora spoilers för de som inte har sett säsong 3.

I söndags sändes det 12 och sista avsnittet av säsong 3 i USA. I kommentarerna nedan kan du diskutera vad du tyckte om avsnittet.

Några av mina tankar:

Yeay Eric!!! Men blev lite rädd när Bill slängde ner honom där... Men jag förstår inte varför dom ska rädda Russel?! När Eric försöker vara snäll händer ju bara värre saker honom, som när Bill slängde ner honom. Tänk lixom om dom som bygger där råkar göra sönder den där betong/cement saken och han lyckas ta sig ut! Det första Russel kommer göra är ju att döda Eric, Bill och Sookie! Jag tror Eric lät Bill va för att visste att han skulle försöka döda the queen... Men ingenting följer boken! Jag tycker hela fe saken med ljuset och allt är för överdrivet, det är inte alls så i boken!

Och Mrs Fortenberry put that gun down! Stackars Jessica! Men Hoyt kommer säkert skydda henne, han var så gulligt och köpt ett helt hus åt dom! Undrar vart Tara ska? Jag var nog inte den ända aom trodde hon skulle göra något annat med den dära blodiga saxen...

Jag gillar att Jason tar på sig ansvaret föt Hotshot... Men han vet ju inte så mycket om shifters och sån? Och vad fattiga dom var! Jag visste inte att det var så illa, eller att dom var så få! Hoppas Jason kan ornda det. Men jag fattar inte varför den dära crazy snubben var tvungen och ta Chrystal?! Jason hade änligen hittat någon!

Förresten tror ni Sam sköt honom?!

Och glöm inte alla andra: Lafayette, Jesus, Tommy, Arlene, Terry, Pam, Summer, Polisen Andy mfl

Det hände så mycket mer! Lägg till egna kommentarer nedan.

Recap ''Evil is Going On''
Ep. 36: Evil Is Going On - Recap


Vi ska börja med att länka till olika fanbloggar (allså som ett länkbyte/Affiliates) Så om du har en blogg och också har Affiliates maila oss på eller lämna en kommentar i detta inlägg :)

(Det behöver inte vara True Blood)

Sista avsnittet ''Evil is Going On'' SPOILERS

Sista avsnittet av säsong 3 är avsnitt 12 som heter ''Evil is Going On'' Det kommer sändas ikväll/natt i USA.


Eric grapples with his conscience while plotting his perfect revenge against Russell. Fed up with being “vampire crack,” Sookie considers a new life without Bill – or any other vampire. Tara discovers some surprising news about Sam, whose rage resurfaces upon learning of Tommy’s latest transgression.  Jason finds a new calling after warning Crystal’s family about an impending drug raid.  Plagued by visions, Lafayette turns to Jesus for help, and learns his boyfriend has more to offer than companionship.  Hoyt hopes for a future with Jessica, spurning Maxine’s  pleas to wed Summer.



Ep. 36: Evil Is Going On - Preview

Snabb genomgång vad förra avsnittet ''Fresh Blood'' (Avsnitt 11) handlade om:

Ep. 35: Fresh Blood - Recap

Någon som längtar?!

Jessica - A Dead Girl's Guide

Jessica's Blog: A Dead Girl's Guide

Hennes egna blogg hittar ni HÄR och även under länkar till vänster.

Nu förstår jag vad låten handlar om!

SPOILER varning för dem som inte sett säsong 2

''Love the way you lie'' - Eminem & Rihanna


25 saker du inte visste om Ryan Kwanten

1. My mum beat breast cancer. Everyone, in some way, has been touched by cancer. Please help any way you can.
2. I find it hard to trust anyone who doesn’t like animals.
3. My favorite yoga pose is Scorpion.
4. Best advice: a day at a time.
5. Worst advice: 1) Turn here, I know a shortcut. 2) Just touch it.
6. A woman’s body is the most exquisite gift. A woman’s mind is a mystery.
7. I’ve broken many a bone, including every knuckle on my right hand.
8. I believe what Muhammad Ali said: “Champions…have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
9. I could only hope to be half the man my dad is.
10. I avoid pompous people and microwaves.
11. Whenever people agree with me, I always feel like I must be wrong.
12. I am yet to be defeated in Scrabble and beer pong.
13. You can find me at
14. The harder I work, the luckier I get.
15. Nothing beats fresh air.
16. I call my brothers “Tenoskipoo” and “Goo.”
17. Foster’s is not Australian for beer. And the guy in the Outback Steakhouse ads is not Australian.
18. I have no formal acting training.
19. I wear a size-30 jean. Jason Stackhouse wears a size 28. Boy likes ‘em tight.
20. I’ve never stayed awake for a musical.
21. Favorite movie characters: Butch Cassidy, Martin Riggs, Andrew Beckett.
22. I always misspell definitely.
23. I’ve been bitten by a shark.
24. I love odd numbers. Ironic this is No. 24.
25. I’m still growing into my shoes.

Intervju med Rutina Wesley Wendy Williams Show

Rutina Wesley var nylign hos The Wendy Williams Show och snackade lite om att det hade blivit lite problem på Emmy galan eller vad man ska säga...;o

True Blood gänget snackar med MTV

MTV Shows

Sneak Peek #3 ''Evil is Going On'' SPOILERS

Ep. 36: Clip - Sookie runs through the forest
Källa: HBO

Sneak Peek #2 ''Evil is Going On'' SPOILERS

Ep. 36: Clip - Sam cooks Tara breakfast
Källa: HBO

Sneak Peek ''Evil is Going On'' SPOILERS

Ep. 36: Clip - Hoyt arrives at work
Källa: HBO

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Grattis på födelsedagen Evan Rachel Wood

Idag fyller Evan år! :D Grattis till henne önskar!

True Blood på Dragon Con 2010

Dragon Con har ju varit igång den senaste veckan och några från True Blood gänget vad där och svarade på några frågor från fansen.

Nedräkning till säsong finalen av True Blood!

Som Fanny tidigare har skrivit får vi se det sista avsnittet av säsong 3 den 12 september så här kommer en nedräkning.

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Video: Eric & Sookie

Spoiler varning för er som inte sett säsong 3


Noooooo =(


Säsongsfinalen av säsong 3 sänds 12 September!

UPDATE: I Usa sänds säsong 3...

Vilka kommer tillbaka i säsong 4? SPOILERS

Joe Manganiello is officially set for more True Blood nakie time in season four!

Oh wait, you knew that already?

Well, how about Bon Temps’ other new additions—Denis O’Hare, Marshall Allman, Kevin Alejandro and Lauren Bowles? We have the scoop:

Believe it or not (and after last week’s, um, sunny episode ending, we were inclined to go with the not), all of the aforementioned newbies will be back on True Blood for season four, according to sources. So it looks like all those pretty faces up there survive next Sunday’s “bloody” (per Alexander Skarsgård) season three finale—even the (gulp) spine-snatchin’ King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. (Hide yer babies!)

Denis is set to return to the HBO hit next year, according to sources, but don’t expect to see Russell too early in the year. We have it on good authority (Alan Ball’s) that initially witches will reign supreme, but I’m told the plan is for Russell to reappear later in the season.

As for Lafayette’s lover, Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), Nelsan tells me, “We’re partners in crime now, my boy toy, so he will be back.” Adds Kevin with a knowing grin: “I’m hearing rumors about that, too. I’ve never been a part of anything this big before.”

Sam’s wayward little bro isn’t going anywhere either, although he’s mastered the tease.

When asked if he’ll be back, Marshall told me: “Yeah, I am. But I mean, hey! How do you know?! Come on, now! Spoiler alert!” We’ll take that as a big, fat, yessiree!

And rounding out the ranks as a newly minted series regular (she told us herself after hitting up the Emmys her sister Julia Louis-Dreyfus—yep, that one!) is Lauren, who recently joined the show as resident Wiccan Holly.


Video: Inside the Studio - Evil (is Going On)

Inside The Studio: Evil (is going on)

Källa: HBO

Alex röst i Mumintrollen

Alexander Skarsgård och hans pappa Stellan Skarsgård har gjort rösterna till den nya Mumin filmen ''Moomins and the Comet Chase''



Hans röst låter jätte ljus!

Mer från ''Evil is Going On'' SPOILERS

Två korta sneak peek från nästa asvnitt ''Evil is Going On''


Bilder från säsongsavslutningen SPOILERS

Som sagt kommer inte säsongsfinalen av säsong 3 sändas på söndag utan den 12 September.

Hbo har släppt några bilder från avsnittet som heter ''Evil is Going On''


Anna Paquin är brunett

Visste ni att Anna egentligen har brunt hår?

Jag tycker hon passa lika bra i båda!

Anna Paquin i Scream 4

Anna Paquin har fått en roll i Scream 4!

“Production has started on Scream 4, which will be filmed in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. Fans of the franchise will recognize original cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, who are set to reprise their roles as Sydney Prescott, Gale Riley and Dewey Riley. The original Scream made its debut in 1996, and the trilogy has earned close to $300 million domestically. ‘Scream 4′ is set to open in theaters April 15, 2011.”


Tack för tipset!

Liten smygtitt från säsongsfinalen SPOILERS

Videon är reklam som går i USA på tv. De kommer visa dom sista tre avsnitten igen och det är därför dom visar klipp från gamla avsnitt men i slutet är lite från sista avsnittet ''Evil is Going On''


Dead Reckoning SPOILERS

Spoilers för dig som inte har läst dom andra 10 böckerna.

Nu har äntligen handligen till den elfte boken i Sookie Stackhouse serien kommit ut!

Dead Reckoning

With her knack for being in trouble’s way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte’s, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. But Sookie suspects otherwise and she and Sam work together to uncover the culprit – and the twisted motive for the attack. But her attention is divided. Though she can’t ‘read’ vampires, Sookie knows her lover Eric Northman and his ‘child’ Pam well – and she realises that they are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, she is drawn into the plot -which is much more complicated than she knows. Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, Sookie will learn that she is as much of a pawn as any ordinary human – and that there is a new Queen on the board . . .


In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Källa: HBO

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