Nästa avsnitt ''I Wish I Was the Moon'' SPOILERS

Nästa avsnitt av säsong 4 är avsnitt 6 som heter ''I Wish I Was the Moon'' Det kommer sändas ikväll/natt i USA.


Sookie searches for Jason under a full moon; Marnie connects with spirits of the past; Arlene and Terry cope with a suspicious inferno; Debbie urges Alcide to join a new werewolf community; Tommy trades places with Sam; Lafayette feels the spirit in Mexico; Eric surrenders to his King’s will. (Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Jeremy Podeswa.)


Ep. 42 – Preview

Snabb genomgång vad förra avsnittet “Me And the Devil” (Avsnitt 5) handlade om:

Ep. 41 - Recap

Klipp från kommande avsnitt ''I Wish I Was the Moon''


Säsong 4 trailer

True Blood 2011 TCA Trailer from Michael Coelho on Vimeo.


Sneak Peek Avsnitt 6 "I Wish I Was The Moon" SPOILERS

Ep. 42 Clip - Lafayette and Jesus Visit His Grandfather

Ep. 42 Clip - Andy Lends Holly a Hand


What’s Up With The Creepy Baby Doll In Season 4?

The creepy baby doll is terrorizing Bon Temp, well at least two households anyway.

It was first with Jessica and Hoyt, but Jessica managed to pawn it off on Arlene and Terry after she and Hoyt couldn’t get rid of it. The vampire/human couple threw it in the trash and then, in the river, but it just kept coming back. Now, it’s Terry and Arlene’s problem.

We would love to find out what is up with this creepy doll even though we know we’ll have to wait and watch True Blood to get the answer.

However, below Alan Ball shares some information about it’s origin which provides some clues.

When speaking to journalists gathered at the Television Critics Press tour on Thursday, Ball explained that the little hellion became a plot point because “once we made the decision in the writers’ room to jump ahead in time, we knew that the baby would be here.”

The child, biological son of Arlene’s dead serial-killer ex Rene (Michael Raymond-James), is now paired up with an even more terrifying tyke — the creepy baby doll.

I think I actually wrote the script,” Ball says of the introduction of the dirty, mangled plaything to the series last season. “Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) came together after a season of being apart, and they moved in, and he said, ‘You know, let’s go to New Hampshire. I’ll become a minister and marry you,’ and they hugged. And it just felt like, OK,” Ball reminisces of the almost-too-happy reunion. “So I said, ‘There should be something weird, like maybe let’s just put a creepy doll in.’ So the camera tilts down, and you see a creepy doll. I had no idea where that was going to go,” Ball says. “Then when we came back to work this season, I said, ‘We’ve got to pick up that doll. We’ve got to figure out what’s going on with that doll.’ And, you know, that doll has found its way to the creepy baby.”

Ball won’t spill the certainly evil secrets behind the pair, but confirms “they’re teamed up now. There’s something going on between those two. I can tell you that.”


Alan Ball svarar på frågor om säsong 5 av True Blood

HBO is still holding out before officially ordering Season 5, but today creator Alan Ball assured the crowd at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that it will happen.

The dialogue kicked off when a reporter asked the showrunner if there’s any merit to the rumors that he’s leaving the series. “No,” says Ball. “I closed a deal to do another season… I don’t have any desire to leave, because I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life.”


Fans of the book series from Charlaine Harris need only look to Book 5, “Dead as a Doornail,” to see what next season might bring, though Ball did say specifically that they will explore how the vampires were made (rumors point to it being Pam) …since the show is more of an emsemble show, we have more freedom coming up with stories for the other character’s.”

“I am working from source material,” says Ball, turning the adaptation conversation to the onscreen breakup of fellow panelists Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. “That plus the fact characters being happy is really not that interesting… I never said I’m going to split Bill and Sookie. I knew they did in the books.”



Something not in the books, which also got some love during the Q&A, is the demonic baby currently stressing out Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Terry (Todd Lowe).

Once we made the decision in the writers room to jump ahead in time, we knew the baby would be here,” says Ball, who confesses the creepy doll seen in Jessica’s home at the end of Season 3 led the writers down this path. “There should be something weird… that doll has found its way to the creepy baby. They’ve teamed up now.”

Ball says there’s definitely more to the duo, so maybe there’s hope for little Mikey after all.


So, everyone breath a sigh of relief, we’ve definitely got at least another season of crazy insanity to come, and I can’t wait!

Alan also said that splitting up Bill and Sookie this season had nothing to do with Anna and Stephen marrying last year in real life.


“I know that they think they kept [their relationship] a secret for a long time, and they did, but maybe not as long as they thought… Characters being happy and things working out for them is really not that interesting,” Alan said of why the drama moved on in Season 4 from Sookie and Bill as a couple. “But I never said, ‘I’m gonna split Bill and Sookie up.’ They split up in the [Charlaine Harris] books and that’s probably why we did it.


As for filming those scenes with Sookie and Bill fighting in Season 4, Anna said they haven’t been taxing.


Just speaking for me, our love in real life is fine, so I’m totally happy for our characters to be as sad and distraught and messed up and hating each other [as they have been],” she said.


We want the show to be as dynamic and interesting as possible,” she added.


Stephen Moyer told reporters he’s been enjoying Season 4, especially since the usually-serious Bill finally got to say a few funny lines, including last week’s beekeeper reference to Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Pam, who wore a hat and net to cover her decaying face.


Kristin’s got one coming up that’s possibly one of the great lines of all time,” Stephen said, slightly envious of his blonde co-star’s upcoming dialogue.


“But she does them so beautifully,” Anna added.



Säsong 5 kommer troligtvis börja spelas in runt december.

Och svar till Amanda: I usa kommer True Blood ha uppehåll efter att säsong 4 har sänds klart i September.


Photoshoot at Comic Con

Här är några fler bilder som the cast tog på Comic Con


Dagens Bild - Bills släkträd SPOILERS

Klicka för större


Jessica videobloggar: The Worst Spa Night Ever

Och här är en till från den 10 Juli:

The Ethics of Glamouring

Jessica's Blog: The Ethics of Glamouring

Jessicas Blogg: Baby Vamp Jessica

Säsong 4 Trailer SPOILERS

Källa- Youtube

Stoppa Mobbning!


Dagens Bild



Comic-Con 2011: Highlights from the True Blood Panel SPOILERS

TrueBloodNews har samlat ihop höjd punkter från Comic-Con:



Question for Stephen (Bill Compton): the twisted sex scene with Lorena was disturbing. But then he screwed his great granddaughter. Are we going to see more fall out?
Stephen: I’m glad I didn’t go into some crazy, dirty, neckbreaking sex and THEN find out she was my granddaughter. We will.. they do see each other again. But Bill has bigger fish to fry.

Moderator: Kristen.. I want to talk about your awesome face off with Marmie when she dissolved your face. Did you get squimish?
Kristen: We worked hard to make you squimish. Doing it is a whole technical.. many hours… there was a hole in my face made of pudding I had to dig into. For me it was a technical thing. It wasn’t gross when I did it but I’m happy to hear it looked that way.


Question: What in the hell is going on with Arlene’s baby?
Alan: We will find out what it is about that doll that makes it creepy. And it’s something really creepy. Is the baby evil? Do you guys think so? You think that cute little baby is evil? I knew fans of the show were sick.. but not THIS sick.

Question: Will we see the famous shower scene between Sookie and Eric in the book?
Alan: There will be a moment in the show where Sookie and Eric are together in a shower. It may not be exactly what happens in the books.. it may be weirder.. and dirtier.


Question: For everyone.. what is your favorite part of the season so far?
Alan Ball: I personally enjoyed the ritualistic gang bang involving Jason Stackhouse.
Rutina Wesley: Cage fighting!
Alexader: I enjoyed swimming in the sun. We don’t get to film in the sun often. That was nice.


Fan questions:

Question: We’ve seen how Eric and Bill were made. Are we going to see how Eric made Pam?
Alan: Unfortunately we won’t see it this season but you will definitely see it in season five.
Alexander to Kristen: Yeah baby!
Kristen to Alexander: Hey daddy!

Question: Is the storyline between Sam and Tara done?
Alan: Nothing’s ever done on this show.


Question: You seem to be working at least somewhat a book a season. How long do you expect to be able to maintain this kind of timeline and keep this show on air?
Audience: forever!
Alan: It’s a very organic process the way we break the stories. We have borrowed things from books later in the series. As we get further down the road the seasons will not be based on specific books. I think this show has tremendous amount of life and I hope to get to a point where it becomes a problem in the writers room where we have to explain why the vampires are aging.

Question: This is for Alan. All of my friends are wondering when we’re going to see Hooligans?
Alan: Hooligans is the strip club. It may not have the same name but there may be a business venture where people of both genders take their clothes off. And it will have a purpose in season five.

Alan also says, “We’re starting storylines for season 5 and we’re doing a lot of research on supernatural creatures that we haven’t seen before.”


When talking about the cast auditions, Anna says, “I really really wanted it. I’m always grateful Alan had the imagination. He was able to see it in the performance, not just the face.”



True Blood Comic-Con

Härom dagen var var True Blood cast på Comic-Con. De närvarande va Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård, Deborah Ann Woll, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten och Stephen Moyer. Tyvärr kunde inte Sam Trammell (som spelar Sam) komma, han skrev på sin twitter att tvillingarna beräknas födas snart så han ville stanna hemma.

De svarade på frågor och tog massa bilder!

Källa & Källa

Spoilers säsong 4

Tara (aka Toni) gets into trouble when her girlfriend, Naomi, comes down from New Orleans to visit her. When she finds out that Tara lied about her name and identity, she threatens to break things off, but they end up making out instead. Of course.

Naomi learns about Tara’s traumatic life in Bon Temps, and experiences it for herself when they both get attacked by Pam, who’s near death (No Em Gee!) and blames Tara for her melting skin. Who can blame Pammy? Nothing can help that situation, not even Proactiv.


On Hoyt and Jessica:

Jessica is coming to terms with the fact that Hoy is not what she needs right now, the world is her oyster now and she wants to explore it. Sometimes people fall in love and stay together forever, well there’s not the case here.



On teams: “There’s a lot of people saying to me “get Sookie and Eric together” but there’s also a lot of loyal Team Bill people.”



On the provocative teaser for  Aug. 21 episode: “Convalescing after her latest near-death trauma, Sookie envisions a world where there’s room for both Bill and Eric.”

“Well Sookie has a dream after ingesting both Eric’s and Bill’s blood, she has their blood flowing in her veins, and her feelings for Bill, which never died, are sort of re-awakening, at the same time she has very strong feelings for Eric. She has a great speech where she articulates why when a guy is in two girls everybody is all for it but if it’s a woman in two guys, people go crazy. Why do I have to be yours, why can’t they both be mine?”



Is there any scene with the three of them together?

“There’s this sort of vision if you will, but it’s not three naked bodies riding together on a bed”.


On major characters passing away
“We will lose a handful of major characters this season, unfortunately.”

Källa & Källa


"Me And The Devil" SPOILERS


Ep. 41 - Recap

Inside Episode 5 'Me And The Devil' SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS :)

Ep. 41 – Inside the Episode


Previews avsnitt 6 SPOILERS

Ep. 42 – Preview


Trailer: Knights of Badassdom

Nu har trailern till Ryan Kwantens senaste film ''Knights of Badassdom'' släpps! Filmen kommer ha premiär 2012.


Video: Alexander pratar med TV Line SPOILERS

Alexander Skarsgård blev intervjuad av Michael Ausiello för tv-Line på Comic-Con. De diskuterar hans roll som Eric i säsong 4.

Klicka på bilden för att komma till videon:


Nästa Avsnitt ''Me and the Devil''

Nästa avsnitt av säsong 4 är avsnitt 5 som heter ''Me and the Devil'' Det kommer sändas ikväll/natt i USA.


Sookie nurtures Eric; Bill gets involved personally in the necromancy crisis; Pam takes the veil; Sam becomes Tommy’s accomplice; Arlene and Terry look to religion to solve their problem; Jesus and Lafayette head to Mexico to harness a shaman’s power; Jason convalesces. (Written by Mark Hudis; directed by Daniel Minahan.)


Bill gets into some difficulty and Sookie takes Eric under her wing. Tommy involves Sam in his criminal activities while Arlene and Terry look to religion for answers. Jason gradually regains his health. Lafayette and Jesus make their way to Mexico seeking a way to control their powers.


Snabb genomgång vad förra avsnittet “I’m Alive and on Fire” (Avsnitt 4) handlade om:

Ep. 40 – Recap

Källa: HBO


Idag fyller Anna Paquin som spelar (Sookie Stackhouse i True Blood) 29 år!

Vi på truebloods.se önskar Anna stort grattis på födelsedagen och hoppas hon får en underbar födelsedag!

Säsong 4 Sneak Peek SPOILERS

STOR SPOILER varning till ALLA! Trailern avslöjar väldigt mycket om vad som kommer hände de kommande veckorna av True Blood säsong 4.

In the Coming Weeks: Sneak Peek


Top 5 WTF moments of episode 4

We’ve selected the top 5 WTF moments of episode 4 ''I’m Alive and On Fire.''
What were your best WTF moments?

In order of appearance:


1. Hotshot gangbang bangs on
For the second time in a row in the Top 5 WTF Moments. Poor Jason’s gets the life and then some squeezed out of him. Can were-panthers get STDs? Jason better schedule a doctor’s appointment asap before it starts itching down there.


2. Alcide and Eric’s nekkid hissing and growling
Every time Joe M. takes off his shirt (and pants) is a WTF moment but it is utter bliss in combination with a nekkid Eric playing U-boat in a croc infested pond. The boys were hissing and growling at each other while Sookie was faced with the difficult task not to let her eyes wander, practically impossible considering the height difference….


3. Tommy returns to the bosom of his family
Tommy is a little white trash rat, but with parents like that it’s a miracle that he turned out so well. Momma and daddy Mickens won’t win the parents of the year award any time soon. I didn’t think I could feel sorry for Tommy, but they made it happen when they chained him down like a dog.


4. Bill gets screwed by his great-great-great-great granddaughter
Bill better get an online yearly subscription to Genealogy & Family Trees and use that fancy computer for something more useful than watching Youtube videos. We have enough incest going on in Hotshot we don’t need a great-great-great-great-grandfather-husband-uncle-daddy.


5. Pam gets a facial
Not a good idea to be your bitchy self with a group of witches who had no difficulty sending your thousand year old maker into a state of oblivion. What’s the price to pay for arrogance? A deliciously disgusting disintegrating vampire.



Jag tycker nog när Pams ansikte började ruttna :o Grossss

Dagens Bild

Älskade hans sorry!

Sneak Peek - Avsnitt 5 ''Me and the Devil'' SPOILERS

Ep. 41 Clip - Jessica and Hoyt's Strained Relationship

Ep. 41 Clip - Pam Demands Action

Ep. 41 Clip - Eric Receives a Visit From His Past


Charlaine Harris avslöjar namnen på de sista böckerna SPOILERS

Charlaine Harris was interviewed recently during the Canadian convention, Polaris 25. Apart from giving us a tentative title for the last two books in the series, she teases fans about the end of the books. Really Charlaine, I don’t think you ever need to hide after the wonderful characters you have written for us!


E&S Lovers: Currently, you’re writing Sookie book 12…at this point of the book, what would you title it, if you had the final say?

CH: Dead Locked. Possibly the last book would be Dead End.



E&S Lovers: To promote the Sookie 12 and 13 books, will you consider touring Canada as well?

CH: I won’t say no for Book 12, but Book 13, I would go into hiding. I’m afraid of the backlash that will wave over the fans, if it doesn’t end the way people want me to finish it. I know,  I can’t please everyone…but I want to stay true to how I want it to end.



Dangens Bild

Jason Stackhouse

Säsong 4 Spoilers

Lorrainecollins: Any scoop on Eric-Sookie?
Sorry, just wait while we giggle with delight. OK, we’re ready to be professional now. Sookie likes this changed Eric. A lot. And in Sunday’s episode something you’ve probably been waiting for finally happens. Best part is that it’s not a dream. No, ma’am.



sanna_o75: You got anything good about Bill-Sookie in the middle of all the Eric-Sookie stuff??
Bill (Stephen Moyer) has awful timing. Horrific timing actually. In an upcoming True Blood episode he vamp-speed runs into a mostly naked Eric-Sookie moment, and to say he doesn’t react well would be putting it mildly. But between the true death orders and heartbreaking look, it is abundantly clear that Bill still loves Sookie and would do anything to make her happy. Even if that means letting her move on with a gorgeous amnesiac Viking.


jason panthers Eric & Sookie & Bill Spoilers Plus Vamp  Blood Dreams

Cheesybones: What’s coming up for Jason on True Blood now that he’s turning into a were-panther?
Unfortunately for Jason (Ryan Kwanten), things are going to get worse before they get better. But let’s not get too hasty on the turning into a were-panther thing. Those hotshot cats aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, so what are the chances they can pull off creating a were-panther from scratch? Besides, Jason will have other things occupying his mind. Remember all those sexy Eric-Sookie dreams? We can say that Jason is going to be having some graphic vamp blood dreams of his own, thanks to Jessica’s (Deborah Ann Woll) healing powers.

Question: I have to know, any idea if Terry and Arlene’s baby on True Blood is actually evil, or is Arlene just paranoid? —Hanna
Ausiello: Having seen the next three episodes, I’m gonna go with evil. Look for that little demon spawn to develop a bad case of pyrokinesis later this month.

Question: Any True Blood scoop? —Deb
Ausiello: Move over Eric/Sookie/Bill. There’s a new triangle in town, and the participants are named Hoyt, Jessica and Jason. Elsewhere, a major female character will soon be in desperate need of a plastic surgeon, while a major male character takes on a surprising dual role. And I know I told Eric/Sookie/Bill to move over, but let’s bring ‘em back for a second. Feast your peepers on this tantalizing tease for the Aug. 21 episode: “Convalescing after her latest near-death trauma, Sookie envisions a world where there’s room for both Bill and Eric.” If that’s not a euphemism for a threesome I don’t know what is.


Källa & Källa

Dagens Bild


Nya bilder från avsnitt 5 & 6 SPOILERS

Här är nya bilder från kommande avsnitt 5 (“Me and the Devil”) och 6 (“I Wish I Was The Moon”).


Nästa avsnitt av säsong 4 ''Me and the Devil''

Ep. 41 (4.04) - Preview


Avsnitt 4 Sneak Peek “I’m Alive And On Fire” SPOILERS!

Ep. 40 – Recap


Ryan Kwantens nya film “Knights of Badassdom”

Nya bilder från filmen "Knights of Badassdom" i magazinen Entertainment Weekly (July 22, 2011). Där våran Ryan Kwanter är med.

A Truly Badass Comedy

If scientists distilled “geek” into reels of film, the result might be Knights of Badassdom, an indie-comedy-fantasy film about Dungeons and Dragons-style role-play aficionados who accidentally awaken a real hell-demon. “This was completely made with the Comic-Con crowd in mind,” says director Joe Lynch, who’ll be promoting the film at the annual San Diego gathering. The cast is sure to get the fanboy seal of approval, thanks to starring turns by SummerGlau (Firefly), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Steve Zahn (Joy Ride), and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones). Lynch adds, “You can’t embrace something like [Comic-Con] without being a little satirical.”





Inside Episode 4 Spoilers

Ep. 40 – Inside the Episode


Nästa avsnitt ''“I’m Alive and on Fire” SPOILERS

Nästa avsnitt av säsong 4 är avsnitt 4 som heter “I’m Alive and on Fire” Det kommer sändas ikväll/natt i USA.


Alcide helps Sookie hunt for  Eric; Marnie searches for guidance to break a spell; Bill discovers a  common bond with the Bellefleurs; Jason begs for liberation from  Hotshot; Sam penetrates Luna’s inner circle; Arlene sees the writing on  the wall; Tommy returns to his roots. (Written by Nancy Oliver; directed  by Michael Lehmann.)


Ep. 40 Preview

Snabb genomgång vad förra avsnittet “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” (Avsnitt 3) handlade om:

Ep. 39 - Recap

Dagens Bild

Hahah =)


Dagens Bild - Ny Bild på Bill från Säsong 4


Video: The Buzz på röda mattan med Säsong 4 Spoilers

HBO hade en  längre version av The Buzz på röda matten på Hollywood premiären av True Blood, säsong 4.

Klippet innehåller korta sneak peek från två scener från säsong 4 som vi inte hade sett innan! Eric & Sookie (vid 1:36) och Jason & Crystal (vid 2:14).


Kommer vi få se en full Eric? =)

TV Guide: The Men of True Blood SPOILERS

TV Guide Magazine pratar med Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård och Joe Manganiello.

“There’s some fun stuff with Sookie and her men coming down the pike,” promises Ball. “The discovery that Sookie is still alive throws Alcide’s world into turmoil.” As for Eric and our favorite telepathic waitress, fans of Charlaine Harris’ books won’t be disappointed. “The spell has created an Eric that never would have existed before, and that is the person Sookie is falling for. They’re both genuinely falling in love.” And where does that leave Bill? “He doesn’t like it one bit,” says Ball. “But eventually the clash between the witches and vampires is going to bring everyone together.”



TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: What’s it like to play your characters now that they’re in such different circumstances this season?
Bill had to let Sookie go. And in doing so, he’s become a better man and a better king. It’s been great as an actor having that sort of guiding light for him.
JOE: Alcide is wrestling with that beast inside him. I like moments where that thing inside him that he’s so afraid of is also this place of great strength.
ALEX: I love Eric’s vulnerability. But it’s tricky because even though he doesn’t know who he is, you can’t play it too flat. You can’t chop off his balls. Then there’s his inner struggle. If they break the spell, then Eric finds out about all the things he’s done in the past and who he really is, and that scares him. He’s like, “Hey, I’m kind of happy in this little house with Sookie.”
STEPHEN: Eric and Sookie are the tipping point of this season. The best stuff that’s in the show is their stuff.


Läs hela intervjun HÄR


Dagens Bild

Bild på Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica). hon passar bra i mörk brunt hår :)


Joe Manganiello Vist Ryan Seacrest

Joe faces some shirtless competition from Roger, a security guard at the radio station. (RyanSeacrest.com)

Joe Manganiello
visited Ryan Seacrest at Los Angeles radio station KISS.FM102.7 yesterday. Before playfully squaring off with E! security guard Roger, Joe talked with Seacrest on his morning show about how long he’s signed on for the show, awkward requests from husbands for their wives  and next’s week “crazy” episode where there’s an “interesting showdown” between his character and certain tall blond vampire with amnesia. Wonder if this refers to those “boywiches” we heard about at PaleyFest? It’s about an eight minute audio interview that’s worth a listen .


Sneak Peek “I’m Alvie and On Fire.” SPOILERS!!

HBO har släppt 3 sneak peek klipp från de fjärde avsnittet, “I’m Alvie and On Fire.” Massa spoilers :)

Ep. 40 Clip - Marnie Is Asked to Reverse the Spell

Ep. 40 Clip - Bill Questions Pam

Ep. 40 Clip - Alcide Comes to Sookie's Aid


The Cast Pratar med Fans - Säsong 4 SPOILERS



Källa- Youtube

Nästa Avsnitt - ''I'm Alive and On Fire'' SPOILERS

Avsnitt 4 av Säsong 4  kommer sändas på söndag i Usa.

Ep. 40 Preview

Källa: HBO

''If You Love Me, Then Why Am I Dyin'?''- Diskussion SPOILERS

Stora spoilers för de som inte har sett avsnittet som sänds i USA.

I söndags den 10 Juli sändes det 3 avsnittet av True Blood, säsong 4 i USA. I kommentarerna nedan kan du diskutera vad du tyckte om avsnittet.

Några av mina tankar:

Gillar verkligen denna Eric! Haha han är jätte rolig och så oskyldig på något sätt. Visste förresten inte att vamyrer kunde vara kittliga. Pam har ju lite panik och vet inte vad hon ska göra för att få tillbaka sin maker. Och stackars Lafayette, han har ingen aning om att detta skulle hända. Bara jag som märkt att de ser ut som häxornas kraft blir starkare när han också är med? Bill verkar komma längre och längre bort från seriens mittpunkt. Han verkar ha blivit väldigt hård och grym. Stackars Jason säger jag bara. Chrystal verkar hjärntvättad, men de verkar som att en av tjejerna (hon yngre, med brunt hår i två toffsar) verkar tycka det är fel och synd om Jason. Hoppas hon hjälper honom på något sätt. Alcide är tillsammans med Debbie igen... Tror ni hon verkligen har förändrats? Och vad tror ni kommer hända med Marnie?

Och glöm inte Arlene, Tara, Andy, Sam, Jessica, och alla andra!

Det hände så mycket mer! Lägg till egna kommentarer nedan.

Avsnittet ''If You Love Me, Then Why Am I Dyin'?''

Ep. 39 - Recap

Inside the Episode - ''If You Love Me, Then Why Am I Dyin'?''

Ep. 39 – Inside the Episode

Källa: HBO

Avsnitt 10 har bytt namn!

SPOILERS VARNING för dig som inte vill veta något om säsong 4:

''UPDATE'' Nu har titlen på avsnitt 10 av säsong 4 bytt namn från ''The World's a Mess, it's in My Kiss'' till ''Burning Down the House''

Säsong 4 av True Blood

Avsnitt 1 - ''She's not there''
Avsnitt 2 - ''You Smell Like Dinner''
Avsnitt 3 - ''If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?''
Avsnitt 4 -  ''I'm Alive And On Fire''
Avsnitt 5 - ''Me And The Devil''
Avsnitt 6 - ''I Wish I Was The Moon''
Avsnitt 7 - ''Cold Grey Light of Dawn''
Avsnitt 8 - ''Spellbound''
Avsnitt 9 - ''Run''
Avsnitt 10 - ''The World's a Mess, it's in My Kiss'' ''Burning Down the House''
Avsnitt 11 - ''Soul of Fire''
Avsnitt 12 - ''And When I Die''


Vamps Kill!

Wake up people before we are all DEAD. Vampires are EVIL KILLERS who feed off of humans and they are EATING US ALIVE. Vamps-kill.com is dedicated to proving the bloodsuckers ARE AMONG US and that we must stop at nothing to rid America of these scavengers.

hmm, tycker ni inte att vampyren ser lite bekant ut från våra tidigare videos?

Ep. 39 Clip: Bill Metes Out Punishment

Kolla in deras hemsida vamps-kill.com


Rutina Wesley Svarar På Frågor

We’re so glad that Tara seems to have found at least some temporary happiness this season; she sure had it tough last season.

The Las Vegas native chatted with ESSENCE.com about how Tara’s changed, whether she’ll be saving her cousin Lafayette this time around and the time a “True Blood” fan tried to bite her.

ESSENCE: Congratulations on your fourth season of “True Blood,” are you excited?

I’m very excited. It’s our best season yet, it just gets better and better. There are a lot of surprises that are going to floor people. We also have some new people who’ve joined our cast that are phenomenal actors like Fiona Shaw.

ESSENCE: What’s different about Tara this season?

My character is going on a very different journey. What I love about Tara is she has calmed down. She’s learned to love herself and perhaps open up and love someone else.

ESSENCE: Following Tara’s cousin Lafayette, played by Nelsan Ellis, and his storyline with his boyfriend, the warlock, is it your turn to save him as he’s done in the past for Tara?

Ultimately, Tara gets swept back up into Bon Temps, then vampires and then she’s taken on this journey which she never dreamed possible. She may or may not be involved with the witches …

ESSENCE: What will Tara’s relationship with her mother be like this season?
WESLEY: After cutting her hair off and being violated by Franklin last season, I think she’s realized that it’s a waste of time to be that defensive, angry and bitter about her mother. She wants to be happy for her mother. She loves her and Lafayette and Sookie but she was like ‘I need to focus on Tara’ and that’s what she did at the end of season three. She’s still feisty though, like she was in season one, which is fun.

ESSENCE: As one of the few Black sci-fi characters on television, what’s your craziest “True Blood” fan story?
WESLEY: Honey, one fan put in her fake fangs and took a picture with the actor who plays Sam and I while biting our necks. I said ‘Now, we’re just going to do a pretend bite, OK? We’re going to act.’ I had to be real clear but she was cool. It was so funny because she was very serious and then she said ‘Can I bite you?’ and I was like ‘Sure.’ You have to roll with the punches.



Nästa avsnitt “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” SPOILERS

Nästa avsnitt av säsong 4 är avsnitt 3 som heter “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” Det kommer sändas ikväll/natt i USA.


Sookie makes a deal with Eric, and reconnects with Alcide; Bill punishes an errant vampire and counsels a guilt-ridden Jessica; Jason is cast as a reluctant savior; Tommy eyes a scam and alienates Sam; Marnie flexes her newfound powers; Pam delivers an ultimatum to Lafayette, Tara and Jesus; Eric spoils Sookie’s faerie reunion. (Written by Alan Ball; directed by David Petrarca.)


Ep. 39 Preview

Snabb genomgång vad förra avsnittet ''You Smell Like Dinner'' (Avsnitt 2) handlade om:

Ep. 38 - Recap

Källa: HBO

Marshall Allman Talks Shapeshifting

Marshall Allman was on E! News yesterday talking about his role as Tommy Mickens on True Blood. He talks about how he prepares to be Tommy (watching The Dog Whisperer amongst other things).

Tommy may be a little, uh, jerk, but Marshall is pretty cute and charming.

Watch the video to see what I mean."


Klipp Från Avsnitt 3 Säsong 4 SPOILER

Ep. 39 Clip - Crystal Comforts Jason

Ep. 39 Clip - Tara and Lafayette Discuss Eric

Ep. 39 Clip: Bill Metes Out Punishment



 klicka på bilden för att komma till videon :)


Allan Hyde Pratar Om True Blood

Allan Hyde som spelade Erics skapare, Godric, pratar om hans tid tillsammans med alla i True Blood gänget


Dangens Bild

 Joe Manganiello

Quotes Från Avsnitt 2 Säsong 4

Eric: “Your blood tastes like freedom Sookie, like sunshiine in a pretty blond bottle.”

Sookie: He’s a baby, they don’t think in word, but I’ll tell you one thing, he’s an old soul.

Arlene: He is rotten to the core, just like his daddy.

Sookie: “How did you become King?” and then goes on to say, “nevermind, every time I found out something about you, I wished I didn’t know it”.

Bill: I recommend an iron supplement and Vitamin B twice daily.

Bill: They may be dinner, but the don’t deserve to die.

Bill: Looking for a few good vampire spies, are you?

Sookie: Psychopathic Frat Boy.  He built himself a cubby; he built himself a cubby in my house!

Lafayette to Tara: That’s the calming influence of the asian pussy at work.

Terry: Your Mama just gets a little crazy sometimes, which means we just have to lover her that much harder.

Tara: Seriously, you’re a wiccan now?

Bill: There’s a new coven in town.  If they can control the dead then, they can control us.

Bill: I’m the king of Louisiana, I don’t have to ask anyone for permission.

Eric, I will go tonight, my king.

Sophie Anne: You brought humans into our affairs?

Nan: Whas is so special about that girl? You better not be lying to me, she did, look what happened to her?


Nan: Clean yourself up, you covered in queen.

Nan: I hereby pronouce you King Will Compton of Louisiana

Bill: I hereby pronounce my allegiance to the vampire authority ….get the rest of this.

Pam: “Did I miss something? Are we girls now?  Did we join a book club and read some queer chicklet memiorss and are bound together by estrogen or sisterhood some other feminist drivvle.”

Pam: Eric is my maker Sookie, did you really expect me to side with you on this?

Pam You need to be somebodies or you won’t be somebody at all“.

Pam: Shame for you then, he pulls good string.

Marnie: We’re going to raise a human body.

Luna: I shifted into my mother.  I had to fall asleep to the legends of the skin walkers. According to the Najavo, skin walkers were horrible evil witches who’s powers allowed them to transform into any animal on earth, including other people.

Eric: You’all looking for a dead body? Oh, Lafayette, I didn’t know you were a witch.

Jessica: Do you have any idea how broken hearted he was, and still is.  I can eat who I want.

Sam: You’re the one that got shot; all your sins were washed away.

Eric: There is no behind my back, I am everywhere.

Eric:  Why do you smell so good?



Facing The World – 7 New Faces In 7 Days

hittills har de lyckats få in £118,564.93
och deras mål är £230,000.00

Om du vill skänk pengar till "Facing the Atlantic" och hjälpa Stephen Moyers välgörenhet genom att göra en direkt donering i denhär hemsidan http://www.justgiving.com/Facingtheatlantic

Jag vet inte om det funkar att donera från Sverige men man kan alltid prova ,eller så kan man tipsa någon man känner som bor i UK.

då får man lägga till koden TB4FTA (True Blood for Facing The Atlantic) till den del av din donation, så att de kan hålla koll på hur mycket pengar som donerats av True Blood/Stephen Moyer fans.



Denis O’Hare kommer tillbaka i säsong 5

Denis O’Hare var intervjuad av Film School Rejects och han avslöjar att han kommer komma tillbaka till nästa säsong i True Blood. Han pratar också om hans nya film J. Edgar (directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio)

To start off, it was disappointing to hear that you’re not coming back this season.

I know, I know. It was up in the air. They were definitely bringing me back, it was just a matter of if they wanted to bring me back the last couple episodes or bring me back at the beginning. So they decided to do it at the beginning of season 5.

That’s good to know. An interesting thing about Russell is that he just felt like a character so unhinged. For you, was there ever a limit as to where Russell could go?

I think there is no limit. It’s funny because when we started talking about the character, obviously characters evolve, and part of the reason he evolved was they kept making him older and older. At first he was supposed to be like 1,100 years old, and so I was doing a lot of research about Charlemagne and all these people and figuring, “Oh, he must have been in Charlemagne’s court.”

And then he kept getting older, and finally he got to like 2,800-3,000 years old. I was looking at history about where he might be able to come from, and there’s only two sources. He can come from the Levant’s from Palestine, or what they call Philistine, or he could have been somewhere really interesting like the Danube. I just thought, “Let’s not make him a Roman or Greek. Let’s make him something else.”

So we made him this Pagan Celt. They are just wild people. They have a very different relationship to everything in terms of nature and in terms of their own belief system. I just love that. That kind of helped make him just a different kind of character.

For the record, a fifth season of True Blood has not been confirmed yet. (But we think it’s looking pretty good it will be back.)

Läs hela intervjun HÄR.


Avsnitt 3 Säsong 4 SPOILER

Promo för nästa avsnitt i bättre kvalitet.

Ep. 39 Preview


Inside the episode - Avsnitt 2 ''You Smell Like Dinner''

Ep. 38 – Inside the Episode

Källa: HBO

Mythological Creatures - Witches SPOILERS

Förra gången var de faeries nu får vi veta mer om häxorna!

Necromancy – magic that affects the dead or uses the dead.


Anna Paquin är nominerad för Teen Choice Awards

Grattis till Anna Paquin som är nominerad till Teen Choice Award i kategorin Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi.


De andra nominerade i samma kategori är:

Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Anna Paquin: True Blood
Crystal Reed: Teen Wolf
Anna Torv: Fringe
Nina Dobrev: The Vampire Diaries
Erica Durance: Smallville

Teen Choice Awards kommer sändas den 7 Augusti i Usa.

Ni kan rösta på Anna HÄR


Season 4: Good to the Last Drop (clips from episode 3) SPOILERS

I klippet ser vi Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer och Alexander Skarsgård prata om sina karaktärer och även se korta klipp från kommande avsnitt: Avsnitt 3 “If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin’?” som sänds 10 Juli i Usa.

Bara jag som tror detta kommer bli ett av mina favorit avsnitt?


Spoilers About That Werewolf..


You may have read already that Alcide Herveaux will make his first appearance on episode 3 (July 10th). What you possibly didn’t suspect, is that he won’t be returning to Bon Temps alone.


According to TVAddict, “Alcide fans will be thrilled to learn that Joe Manganiello will — at the behest of Sookie — return in a big way in TRUE BLOOD’s third episode of the season. Alcide fans will be somewhat less than thrilled to learn that when Alcide returns to Bon Temps, he will not be doing so alone.”

Could this be the one and only Debbie Pelt? We think so!


According to Yahoo, Alcide’s psychopathic, V-addicted ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), will return this season with a new prerogative. “You’re going to get to see a different side of Debbie,” Morgan says, adding that Debbie will attempt to make amends with Sookie and find some normalcy. But the werewolf in her isn’t gone. “You’re going to get to see cool things with some of the wolves that you didn’t get to see last season,” she says."


Ryan Kwanten pratar om säsong 4 med MTV

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Preview på avsnitt 3 “If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin’?” säsong 4 :D


Källa- Youtube

True Blood Week on Extra

Innan premiären av säsong 4 hade Extra True Blood vecka och räknade ner till premiären!

Dag 1 - True Blood

Dag 2 - Allt om Joe Manganiello

Dag 3 Premiär + röda mattan

Dag 4 - Allt om Ryan Kwanten

Dag 5 - Allt om Alexander Skarsgård


True Blood Season 4: Critics Spot SPOILERS

Källa: Youtube

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