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Inte långt kvar nu till den 10 Juni!!

True Blood Season 5: "Don't Cry, It's Back" Promo

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Ny True Blood Season 5 Poster

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Alexander Skarsgård i ''What Maisie Knew''

Första trailern har släppts till filmen ''What Maise Knew'' som Alexander Skarsgård är med i! Vi kommer få se en lite mjukare sida av Alex då han spelar Maisies styvfar i filmen.
Darkly comic and emotionally compelling, the film centers on Maisie, a six-year-old girl enmeshed in the bitter divorce of her mother, a rock and roll icon, and her father, a charming but distracted art dealer. As Maisie is shuttled back and forth between them, she comes to rely more and more on her parents’ respective new partners who begin to see how selfish and damaged the girl’s parents really are, while finding themselves falling in love with one another.

WHAT MAISIE KNEW, a contemporary adaptation of the Henry James novel, which recently completed filming on location in New York. Scott McGehee and David Siegel (THE DEEP END) are directing the touching comedic drama starring Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgard and Steve Coogan and produced by Daniela Taplin Lundberg and Riva Marker (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT).



Carolyn Hennesy pratar om sin roll i säsong 5

Carolyn Hennesy pratar om sin karaktär som Rosalyn Harris som kommer vara med i säsong 5 av True Blood.

Meet the Vampire Authority

Under säsong 5 av True Blood kommer vi äntligen få träffa the Vampire Authority! Vampire Autorithy (eller vampyr myndigheterna) är en grupp mycket viktiga vampyrer som representerar den högsta makten inom vampyr kulturen.
Möt de nya vampyrerna Carolyn Hennesy, Christopher Meloni, Peter Mensah, Christopher Heyerdahl Velentina Cervi och Jacob Hopkins.


Carolyn Hennesy som Rosalyn Harris                                  Christopher Meloni som Roman


Peter Mensah som Kibwe                                Christopher Heyerdahl som Dieter Braun

Valentina Cervi som Salome                                  Jacob Hopkins som Alexander


Magic Mike Trailer

Joe Mangianello dyker upp vid 1.17

Magic Mike- Enetertaiment Weekly

"Attention fans of the upcoming film Magic Mike(kommande komedi film där Joe Manganiello är med): You are going to need to grab a copy of Entertainment Weekly this week, because the cover is going to feature Channing Tatum. On the inside cover, however, it will feature Channing, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and our own Joe Manganiello!"

Tror man kan köpa tidningen i press stop :)


True Blood Vampire Authority Symbol

Det står ''Vampyr'' på svenska istället för det engelska ''Vampire''!

Ny Bild från Säsong 5 - Jessica


Mistakes Vamps make

Mistakes Vamps Make

True Blood Season 5 Posters

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Inte långt kvar nu till premiären av säsong 5! 10 Juni i USA.


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Ny Bild från Säsong 5 - Sookie


True Blood Season 5 Poster

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Dagens Bild: Alexander Skarsgård - ''Battle Ship''

Från premiären av Alexander Skarsgårds senaste film ''Battle Ship'' i Los Angeles.

True Blood Season 5: Vampyr Tease

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Ny Bild från Säsong 5 - Eric



Fick ett mail från Månpocket angående översättning av Sookie Stackhouse serien på svenska.
Månpocket kommer inte att fortsätta utgivningen av serien men ett annat svenskt förlag tar över och ger ut bok nr 6 i juli 2012.
Bra va! Mer info kommer inom kort.

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Första Bilden på Erics Vampyr Syster Nora!

When True Blood premieres June 10, we'll get a taste of Eric Northman's bloodsucking, Godric-made vampire sister, Nora (Lucy Griffiths). "She's an irreverent British lady who we think was turned during Elizabethan or Victorian times," Lucy reveals. "It's been years since she's seen Eric, and she is very excited. She looks up to him, but they've had a fiery love/hate relationship in the way that brothers and sisters do."

Nora is also part of the Vampire Authority ruling council, which will play a big part in the new season. In this exclusive photo from the premiere, Nora, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) are on the attack. "It occurs just after I've met them, and it's a reaction to being taken by surprise by some threatening characters," teases the beautiful Brit, best known for playing Marian in the 2006-09 Robin Hood series.

Eight episodes into filming, there's no great Bon Temps romance for Nora, but Lucy has her eye on another new series regular: Italian actress Valentina Cervi, who plays ancient vampire seductress Salome: "They're very close."

True Blood Season 5: Waiting Sucks - Eric & Pam

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Vad händer med Pam och Eric?!

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