Alexander avslöjar om Erics hämnd SPOILERS

SPOILER!! Om du inte vill veta vad som kommer hända i säsong 3 kolla inte på kllippet...

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Poster nummer 6 :)



Angående Källor...

Jag vet att jag (Fanny) är väldigt dålig på att skriva källor... Detta beror på att när jag ska skriva om nåt så kollar jag på mins tre olika hemsidor för att hitta rätt information varje gång. Det låter konstigt men när jag tex lägger ut videoklippen som kommer varje vecka brukar jag hitta videon på en sida, infon på en annan och bilderna på en tredje. Detta är varför jag är så dålig på att skriva källor och ska försöka bättre mig. Men jag hittar alltid infon på hemsidor från USA och om jag skulle hitta info på en svensk sida lovar jag att skriva källa. :)

The official True Blood season 3 poster!!!

''Update'' Nu finns bilden i mycket större och bättre kvalitet :)

(Klicka för jätte stor)

Fösta minisode: Pam och Eric

Pam och Eric har audition på Fangtasia



FÖrsta gruppbilden från säsong 3!!

(Klicka på den lilla för att se den så stor som möjligt)

Jag tycker den är jätte snygg :) Kolla vargen!!

Waiting sucks nummer 6 SPOILERS!

Nytt klipp från säsong 3 ''on location'' Denna gång får vi se Eric och Sookie!!

Bilder från klippet:

Alexander Skarsgård I VMan Magazine

Jag tror jag kommer svimma när som helst! Varning för super snygga bilder allihopa!

Se fler outtakes här.

Ashley Jones & Joe Manganiello på Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Celebration

Ashley Jones och Joe Manganiello var på Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue i torsdags(22 April).



Missing video: SPOILERS!!

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Bill vs Eric video

Jag älskar denna video!! Den är jätte bra gjord och låten är perfekt!! Den heter Counting Bodies like Sheep :)

Värd att se...

Källa: Youtube

Nedräkingen har börjat!!

6 nya mini avsnitt!!

''Get ready for the new season with a drop of True Blood.  There will be six new True Blood mini-eposides that will not be shown in Season 3 written by Alan Ball and airing beginning May 2 right after the rebroadcast of each Season 2 episode. Watch the video to learn more.''

JAAA!!!! Så vi kómmer alltså få se dem varje måndag eftersom det är tidskillnad och så tar det ett tag innan de kommer komma ut på internet. (Såå 3 MAJ för oss :D) (hehe kan förstå att Sam hatar ''the bull head'' som Maryanne hade)

Två bilder från klippet:


För er som inte sett hela säsong två SPOILERS



''Waiting sucks'' nummer 5 SPOILERS

Nytt klipp från säsong 3 ''On location''. Detta är det femte klippet och vi får se Bill Compton

Ryan Kwanten för VMAN Magazine


Ny skådespelare SPOILERS

Lauren Bowles ska spela Holly:

A thirty something (presumably single) mother of two, Holly applies for a job at Merlotte’s and creeps Arlene out with her oddly prescient observations. Very strong recurring in season 3 with a possible series regular upgrade in season 4.

Namn på avsnitt 9, säsong 3 SPOILERS!


Säsong 3
Avsnitt 1 - ''Pack of Wolves''
Avsnitt 2 - ''Beautifully Broken''
Avsnitt 3 - ''It Hurts Me Too''
Avsnitt 4 - ''9 Crimes''
Avsnitt 5 - ''Trouble''
Avsnitt 6 - ''What do you know about Love''
Avsnitt 7 - ''(Let the Bodies) Hit the Floor''
Avsnitt 8 - ''Night on the Sun''
Avsnitt 9 - ''Everything is Broken''
Avsnitt 10 - ???
Avsnitt 11 - ???
Avsnitt 12 - ???

Avsnitt 9:

[NATALIE]: Early to mid 30’s. She’s attractive in a trashy sorta way. No dialogue in this episode. Recurs in Episode 309 with dialogue. Above-the-waist nudity in Episode 3.09.

Kommer spelas av Kate Luyben:


[HUNTER] 6 years old to play 4. Hadley’s son and Sookie’s nephew. He’s a distressed, scared little boy who, amid tears and confusion, has a telepathic conversation with Sookie at the aquarium. 7 lines (Some in voice over), 1 scene.


[FAMOUS NEWSCASTER] Male, 40s – 50s. Seen on TV, “the most famous newscaster we can get”. 1 speech, 1 scene.

Nytt om Dead in the family! SPOILERS

Ny info om Dead in the Family den tionde boken i Sookie Stackhous serien som kommer ut den 4 Maj. En tjej har läst boken och berättar lite om den och vad hon tyckte om den:

Over at, their friend Hope has managed to get her hands on the upcoming and much anticipated tenth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series and has written a review.  It’s good to see some of those loose ends tied up in this edition, but as she mentions, it left her craving even more.

Here’s the review:

When the opportunity to get an advance copy of the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel presented itself, I did what any fan of Charlaine Harris’s wonderfully quirky “rural fantasy” series would do: I pounced on it and then proceeded to abjure all my responsibilities in order to devour it immediately. Happily, it was a satisfying read, but—as usual—it left me craving more.

Dead in the Family—the 10th and latest installment in the New York Times bestselling series about a telepathic barmaid from Louisiana—begins with Sookie’s physical and mental recovery from her torture at the hands of the vicious fae at the end of the previous book, Dead and Gone. Sookie will never again be the same person we knew and loved from the earlier books, but this new, edgier Sookie is not without appeal, not least of which is because of her new found practicality and proactive approach to her problems. She is also less inclined to angst over what she has seen as her moral failings and gradual evolution into a survivalist. Now if she could just get over her self-esteem issues . . . .

Sookie is understandably more cautious and less trusting now, but she is still willing to take some risks to help those she cares about—and fortunately this time she doesn’t suffer greatly as a result. Her willingness to help people is one of her best qualities, and I enjoyed seeing her regain some of her old moxie and be the “rescuer” instead of the victim. I especially liked seeing her bully Eric when he most needed it . . . and speaking of Eric, this book reveals even more facets of his fascinating and complex character; Eric is, as Ms. Harris herself said, “large and in charge”, here.

As always, trouble surrounds Sookie, but for once her brother Jason is not one of her problems; he’s finally decided to “man up” and give his sister some support, something she can always use. She even manages to spend some quality time with her family: Jason, her telepathic five-year-old cousin, Hunter, and—most surprisingly—her cousin Claude, who seems hungry for fairy companionship, if only with his slightly-fae cousin. That’s enough to make even the chronically self-absorbed Claude work a bit on his social skills… And maybe there’s a little more to his request to bunk with Sookie than first meets the eye.

But troubles abound, and Sookie is drawn into Eric’s family crisis and more of Alcide’s pack issues, while danger looms in the form of a vengeful fairy and the discovery of a body in Sookie’s woods. As if these problems weren’t enough, Sookie must also deal with the ongoing danger she faces — now that Sookie has settled into a relationship with her Viking vampire, she is a target for anyone who wants something from Eric. As a result, Eric decides that forewarned is forearmed, and Sookie gains some insight into the vampires’ inner workings. But her usual vampire issues are soon superceded by a new one in the form of Eric’s maker, Appius Livius Ocella, and his newest child, Alexei Romanov, who arrive at Sookie’s house most unexpectedly. As Eric struggles with his family conflicts, Sookie sees a new side to her Viking—one that will forever change how she perceives him.

Meanwhile, Sookie hasn’t forgotten about her ex-boyfriend Bill and lends a hand in his recovery from the silver poisoning he contracted while rescuing her in Dead and Gone. Bill seems unconcerned about his failing health, so Sookie uses stealth to find a remedy . . . with some unexpected, and satisfying, results. For the most part, Sam is back to his supportive self—despite the issues the Were’s Great Reveal is causing him. Meanwhile, Alcide is finding out that being pack leader is no picnic.

Ms. Harris recently commented that she feared the “Shakespearean ending” to this book was perhaps “too over the top,” but I found the conclusion entertaining and satisfying, though of course it left me wanting more.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read, and I liked seeing Sookie’s growth and determination as she adjusts to the demands of her life in the supernatural community. While sometimes it seems she is still less than understanding of her loved ones, she has come a long way in a short amount of time. It was also just fun to read about good things happening for Sookie, considering how much hardship she’s had to endure. I love that—no matter how many times I read the books and how much I follow Ms. Harris’s comments—I am still surprised by some of her plot and character twists. I always enjoy her talent for creating realistic, believable characters. And this book saw a return of the humor that originally made me such a fan of the series. I thought Pam got the best lines this time, but Eric, Claude, Sookie, and even Terry had their moments.

Dead in the Family is an excellent addition to the Sookie series. It answers several lingering questions readers have had, and it resolves more plot points than it introduces, so it stands on its own better than the previous installment did. I am really looking forward to the next book to see how Sookie deals with the ongoing threats to her, and, well, to see if she is ever going to find anything interesting in that attic. ;-)



Ny poster, säsong 3!


Ikväll sänds en film på kanal 5 som heter Exit och ingen mindre än Alexander Skarsgård är med i den!
Den börjar kl.21.30.


Klipp nummer 4 från säsong 3 + från HBO SPOILERS

Även denna vecka har vi fått ett nytt klipp från säsong 3 :)

Det är Jason och Crystal Norris som spelas av Lindsay Pulsipher.

Bild på Lindsay Pulsipher (klicka för större)

Även detta klipp visades på HBO:


Stephen Moyer i svensk reklam

1993 var Stephen Moyer med i  en svensk reklam för Gevalia.

''In Details Magazine Stephen Moyer mentions that in the early years he was offered a commercial (“It was for coffee—fucking cheesy shit”), which he agreed to do because it would run exclusively in Scandinavia and no one he knew would see it (though Skarsgård grew up watching it in Sweden and likes to tease him about it). Moyer was well compensated for his trouble (“1,000 quid, which was shitloads back then”) and used the money to buy a boat moored on the canals of London’s Little Venice, where he lived for seven years''

Dagens skämt - 9 April

Nya bilder säsong 3! SPOILERS

HBO har släppt nya bilder från säsong 3! Några har ni redan sett men dom här har bättre kvalitet, så jag lägger in alla:)

Dagens skämt x)



Ashley Jones i FHM UK

Ashley Jones är en av tjejerna som pryder några sidor i FHM UK. ;)
Se fler bilder på källan!

Intervju med Carrie Preston

AOL har haft chansen att intervjua Carrie Preston om True Blood och The Good Wife.

I’ve got to ask you about being on ‘The Good Wife.’ I don’t know if you started filming yet …
I did. I’m afraid the Internet has gone a little insane with this story [laughs].

Everyone thinks this means that you’re not going to be on ‘True Blood.’

That’s so funny. Well, obviously I can’t comment on what’s happening on ‘True Blood,’ but I will say that I go through stretches where they don’t need me. We have a cast of about 1,000 on ‘True Blood.’ [Laughs] I’m not kidding, we’ve got 20 series regulars, or at least people who do more than half the episodes. Then we have at least another 20 guest stars and stuff, so the writers are servicing many, many people. We all end up — even Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] — having a stretch of time where we’re not working. ‘The Good Wife’ caught me during one of those times, so I did an episode and right now, we’re in discussions with ‘True Blood’ for me to do more.

Läs hela intervjun här!

Två nya kategorier

Vi har två nya kategorier :)

Böckerna - info om böckerna


Säsong 3 -  det senaste om säsong 3

Hoppas det blir bra :)

Nytt klipp från säsong 3 + ny i cast

Detta är det tredje klippet vi får från säsong 3!!

Season 3 In Production: Tara

Vi ser Tara och en kille som heter Franklin Mott som är en vampyr:

''James Frain has been cast in the heavily recurring role of Franklin Mott, Tara’s over-protective vampire squeeze.

The casting breakdown for the role describes Franklin as a tall, dark, and handsome vampire who seems to have an “immediate and torrid” connection to Tara.  In the books, Franklin is essentially Tara’s sugar daddy, but it seems like Alan Ball is taking the character in a different direction.''

Bilder på från inspelningsplatsen

Bilder på Anna Paquin/Sookie Stackhouse från inspelningarna... Det ser ut som Sookie har blivit attackerad och plåstrat om sår på halsen :o

(Det kan ju inte vara en vampyr väl? Såren brukar ju läka bra då...)


Glad Påsk önskar vi här på :)

(hinner inte fixa bilden just nu..)


Yees!! Ny bild på Alcide som är en werewolf(/varulv) (spelad av Joe Manganiello) och Sookie (Anna Paquin) från säsong 3!!!

(Jag hade inte alls tänkt mig han med skägg, men han kanske har det i böckerna bara att jag läst dom lite slarvigt x) )

UPDATE: Det kanske är lite svårt att se texten men det står:
The HBO hit has a new mane attraction: werewolf Alcide (played by one Tree Hill’s Joe Manganiello).  So what happens in sEason 3 debuting June 13 – when he teams up with Sookie (Anna Paquin) to track down her kidnapped beau, Bill?  “It’s not like either one of them is lookin gfor romance,” says exec producer Alan Ball. “But they’re thrown into several intenst situations.  It’s hard not to bond on a deeper level.” – Michael Ausiello.

Här är en bild på Joe Manganiello och hur han ser ut när han inte är i sin roll i True blood:
(klicka på bilderna för att se dem större)

(Hehe ojj klockan är tjugo i tre xD undrar varför jag sitter här... ;) (a) )

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