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True Bloods egna reklam...

HBO gör alltid så roliga True Blood reklamer...

Källa: HBO Youtube

Sam Tramell i ''Funny or Die''

The Inn Keeper w/Sam Trammell from Sam Trammell


True Blood Season 4 Tease Trailer

Källa: HBO Youtube

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Chelsea Lately Show


Joe Manganiello i PGA Awards

63161900thevault123201142702AM 224x300 Video: Joe Manganiello at the PGA Awards

I videon nedan, på röda mattan vid Producent's Guild Awards, talar Joe först om hans chanser att huvudrollen i Stålmannen.

Han diskuterar också inspelningen av True Blood Säsong 4, men bara avslöjar att detta år kommer det att finnas "häxor" och när de dyker upp, kommer de att orsaka några problem i Bon Temps.

Han fortsätter med att
tala om Super Bowl säger att han redan har sina biljetter och planerar att delta i stora spelet den 6 februari och hejar för hans favoritlag, Pittsburgh Steelers.




spoilers2 Casting Call for Season 4, Episode 6   I Wish I Was The Moon

Nu har vi tageit reda på vad avsnitt 6 i säsong 4 kommer att heta..... “I Wish I Was the Moon”!!

annat info:

Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Writer: Raelle Tucker
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Approx. 2/4/2011

Casting Call:

[MAVIS] Female, African American, 20-30 years old. She is a sad-eyed girl dressed in a modest 1930s dress. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Must speak with a Cajun accent.


Och man tror att denna låt kommer att användaas till det avsnittet..hmm vem vet :)





Rolig parody trailer!!


True Blood Funny Moments :)

Who ordered the hamburger with AIDS?

Roliga klipp:

Erics ringsignal:

Roliga quotes:

Eric låtsas vara människa:


Ryan Kwanten is too busy for love..

671340 ryan kwanten 225x300 Ryan Kwanten is too busy for love


My life is very much consumed with work,” säger han.


It would be very selfish of me to try and bring someone into that world when I can’t give them the time they deserve.You have to be comfortable in your own skin to do this line of work … it’s very nomadic.


Medan US gossips får folk att tro att han dejtar sångerskan Whitney Duncan, så säger Ryan att det inte är sant.


I’m not the kind of guy that inspires madness in people,”


Läs mer här.


Intervju med Nelsan Ellis

Nelsan Ellis berättar om hans karaktär Lafayette :)



Anna Paquin i Elle Magazine Februari 2011

Nu i februari så kommer Anna Paquin vara med i den kända Elle Magazine :)


I den korta intervjun så säger Anna:


on Sookie style: “Once you’ve been spray-tanned, bleached, and given the correct push-up bra, it’s like playing dress-up – it’s liberating”


and, about those sex scenes:  ”When it’s someone you get naked with in your private life, there’s no awkwardness” – she married costar Stephen Moyer last summer. “You’ve done a great deal of that stuff – minus the blood-drinking–in real life.”



Anna Paquin Anna Paquin in February 2011 Elle MagazineAnnaPaquin1 Anna Paquin in February 2011 Elle Magazine



Anna Paquin in Women in Television video of Elle Magazine

"Not only is Anna Paquin featured in the February 2011 edition of Elle Magazine she is also featured in this behind the shoot Women in Television video of Elle. Anna talks about how she likes a good scary movie, her transformation into ballsy Sookie Stackhouse and that she is most proud of her theater work."



Mother's Day

Trailen till Deborah Ann Wolls nya film "Mother's day".. den verkar jätte bra :)

(Den har premiär i USA den 1 april 2011)




“Griff The Invisible” trailer

griff 600x331 Video trailer of Ryan Kwantens Griff The Invisible

First look at True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten’s new hysterical role as a shy, Australian, wannabe super hero in the new film, “Griff the Invisible”.



Are True Blood Vamps’ Fangs on the Wrong Teeth?

Fråga: Why are the vampires’ fangs are on their laterals and not their cuspids? I work for a dentist, but we can’t figure out why they did this. I always thought vampire fangs were on their cuspids. —Amanda,

(översatt: Varför har inte vampyrer sina huggtänder där hörntänderna ligger, istället för att ha de i framtänderna? jag jobbar som tandläkare, men jag kan inte komma på varför det är så? jag har alltid trott att huggtänderna är där hörntänderna ligger. - Amanda)

Läste denhär frågan och jag har faktiskt undrat samma sak...det e ganska konstigt, för jag själv har alltid trott att det ligger i hörntänderna..eller vad tror du?

Såhär svara de:

Indeed, as Sookie might say, that mystery has driven many a folk crazier than a run-over coonhound. In other words, you’re not the only fan whipsawed into a state of insanity by True Blood’s anatomical whims. Why, for the love of Godric, why? Well, here you go…

First of all, you should know that vampires have a long history of arbitrary fang placement. True. Yes. It goes back at least as far as the 1922 classic Nosferatu, whose main monster looked like a carnivorous mole rat thanks to a pair of fangs where his two front incisors should have been.



“If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin?”

spoilers2 Casting News: Season 4.03 If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin?

"The following casting information has been posted on the IMDb.com for True Blood season 4 episode 4.03 which is called ”If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin?” .



Böckerna på svenska...

Många undrar när resten av böckerna ska komma u på svenska... Jag mailade månpocket och frågade! Detta fick jag som svar:


Vi håller för närvarande på och utvärderar utgivningen av de fem första böckerna och har ännu inte bestämt hur vi ska gå vidare med serien.

Sååå det är bara vänta och se...


Dazed Digital intervjuar Anna Paquin

Thoughtful and dry-humoured, with a quivering, bird-like alertness, New Zealand-raised actress Anna Paquin is a dichotomous creature – an ingénue who has seen it all; an old pro who remains wide-eyed; a Hollywood powerhouse in a 5'4" woman-child frame. She’s 28 now, but was, by her own admission, “a bit of a goth” in her teenage years – an awkward gap-toothed girl who hid behind long dark hair and DM boots, nervously squinting under the glare of the lights and cameras that had followed her around since she was a schoolgirl. As such, it’s fitting that she should go on to become a poster child of our vampire-obsessed culture, star of the graphically violent, unashamedly erotic True Blood, in which she plays telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, a post-feminist small town blonde with a penchant for push-up bras and undead men.

Your character, Sookie Stackhouse, is telepathic. Some people say that telepathy is how super-evolved human beings will communicate with each other one day. Is Sookie super-evolved, being so hyper-sensitive that she can read minds?

I kind of like the way that Sookie actually thinks of it as being a disability, rather than some super-evolved trait. Because often what makes people more special sometimes, on a practical day-to-day level, makes life a little awkward. Most people just want to fit in and she can’t, because she’s got this internal monologue of what every single person is thinking
all the time.

Yeah, I guess it would kind of be a bummer. And that is the interesting thing about it; that her superpower is a bummer to her.

Personally, I’m pretty happy not being telepathic. If you don’t want me to know something, that’s all good.

You have your own film production company with your brother. What’s happening with that?

We did one film and then my life became all about True Blood. I really enjoyed being in the driving seat though, as far as making decisions about who we hired and how we did things. I have been doing this for like 19 years, so
I guess it’s natural to want to expand the range of responsibilities in my job. Most people want to climb up the ladder in terms of responsibility, or start working behind the scenes.

You seem conscious of being a grown-up as you approach 30.

For me, I feel like my numeric age is finally catching up with how old I feel. When you live in a world that is more traditionally occupied by grown-ups, it tends to make you grow up a few years faster – but if you are 18, 19, 20 and you look like you are 14, people tend to treat you like you are still a kid. At this point, it feels like the reality is catching up with what people expect of someone my age. I’m almost 30, so I guess it’s normal to have bought a house and be married.

So you’ve always felt older than your actual years, because you look young?

Yes, but I’ve stopped looking like a teenager, which I am pleased about – I feel like I looked like a teenager for way longer than most people do. There is something to be said for looking like an adult. There is a certain sort of thing where

“Never think too highly of yourself. It sets you up for a big fall”

people will look at you and think they know what your degree of life understanding and life experience is. Eventually, when people get to know you they realise you’re not some young flake – despite the fact that you look like you should be carded to go to an R-rated movie. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, but sometimes people treated me like I was a kid – certainly not people who actually worked with me, because I don’t think I had the work ethic of a kid.

What’s it been like, transitioning from being a New Yorker to being an LA girl in the last three years?

I swore I would never leave New York, come hell or high water, because I loved it… but I really love living in LA. And then as I kept deferring school to go work, and then my class graduated without me, I stopped pretending I was going to go back.

I want to ask you what you think of fate and destiny. Your career came about because of your talent…

(Laughs) If you say so!

But also you were in the right place at the right time.

Well, certainly it’s very easy to see how you take a slightly different turn here or there, and it can lead you down a completely different path. I feel that stuff works well to explain the good stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily work to explain

“I guess they cast him and me in that combination because they thought we had chemistry. As it turns out, that wasn’t too
far off the mark.”

when tragic, horrible things happen to people. That’s when I have a little bit of difficulty with the notion of fate. Like well, if I was fated to end up where I am today, then if someone who was very close to me has cancer, was that also fated? I don’t believe that. I have been incredibly lucky. I don’t know if it’s anything more involved than that.

You seem to be a bit uncomfortable with compliments.

I will say thank you to compliments – I am told that is the appropriate response. But I promise, you are not going to get me to own any of that stuff – I refuse to own any of what people are saying to me, about me. It’s just the culture I was brought up in. I don’t know – I think English people have a good dose of that as well.  Never think too highly of yourself. Never make it seem as if you think it’s all sorted. Because on that level, it does set you up for a big fall.

That’s very un-LA of you. In LA, people tend to have the opposite approach, over-hyping themselves and their accomplishments in the hope that people will believe it’s true.

I find it really fascinating when people will freely tell you things they are really good at. It’s like, ‘Wow, I am really happy that you are so confident!’ I guess part of me feels like if you think you’ve already got it all sorted then you’ve got nowhere to go. Then there is nothing to strive for and nothing to be attained. If you think you’re as smart as you need to be, then where do you go from there?

Complacency is not something you can be accused of, then.

I am ambitious, but some of the things I’m focused on have changed a bit. When I wasn’t married and had all the time in the world to focus exclusively on work, work, work, more work… that was what I did. At this point, there are other things that are important to me, so to take some job that would take me to someplace for six months becomes a different sort of decision. Now I have a home that I would be leaving and people who I would miss.

It seems like working on True Blood has meant life-changing experiences for you on every level – doing a TV show for the first time, and then meeting your husband, who happens to be your co-star, who your character is in love with on the show...

Yeah, it’s all right. I guess they cast him and me in that combination because they thought we had chemistry. As it turns out, that wasn’t too far off the mark.

Klicka här för fler bilder!


Sist vi såg Tara i True Blood säsong 3, så körde hon iväg och lämnade Bon Temps. Men när de intervjuade Rutina Wesley i HBO's Golden Globes Party i söndag kväll, avslöja hon att alla fans kan förvänta sig att hon kommer komma tillbaka i säsong 4.




Ausiello svarar på frågor om säsong 4..

Question: Your True Blood spoiler from last week about Jason is torturing me. Any other details about his big risqué scene?

Ausiello: At the Globes, Ryan Kwanten said the sequence in question elicited an “audible gasp at the table read… and for our actors to be shocked at anything is a big deal.” Remember: This has the potential to be as shocking, if not more, than last season’s head-spinning sexscapade between Lorena and Bill. Hmmm…

Question: Enough about Eric/Sookie or Bill/Sookie. Tell me something about True Blood‘s hottest duo, Alcide/Sookie.

Ausiello: I’m 87 percent certain that there will be an Alkie (or is it Soocide?) kiss within the first six episodes of Season 4.



Jason will have to deal with “the highs and lows of being in love”

Ryan Kwanten avslöjar att  Jason kommer att ha en ganska tuff under säsong 4.

Speaking to TV Line, Kwanten explained that Jason will have to deal with “the highs and lows of being in love” with Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher).

Jason in particular doesn’t seem to pick his female companions too well,” he said. “Crystal turns out to be not what he was expecting. It’s a very rough road.”

He continued: “Plus he’s also now a cop. And if anyone shouldn’t have a gun and shouldn’t have any sense of authority it’s Stackhouse.



Interview with Sam Trammell about Season 4

True Blood's Sam Trammell ger några ledtrådar om vad som kommer att hända honom i säsong 4 i intervjun nedan. Även om han inte avslöjar några större punkter så finns det en del intressant information om film processen och vad han gjort på showen efter ny år.

Rosy: So let’s get right into some True Blood talk! Have you guys headed back to set since the holidays?

S. Trammell: Yeah, we are, we started on the 3rd of January or something like that. So, we’re back, I’ve already done like two nights, all nights, overnight, cold weather.


Rosy: What episode are you all currently shooting?

S. Trammell: We are shooting parts of one, two and three. We usually have two episodes going at the same time. But, I know we’re shooting two, and I think we might have started three at this point.


Rosy: I had no idea you did a few of them at the same time. Doesn’t that get confusing?

S. Trammell: Well, it’s pretty wild. Like for instance, I was shooting a scene of episode two one night at the early part of the night, and the latter part of the night a new director and crew came in, and I did a scene from episode one, so I did two different episodes in the same night. So, it’s really not that confusing, those two scenes, just because they are different episodes doesn’t necessarily make it confusing.

It’s just as likely that those two scenes could have been in the same episode, it’s just a day has passed or something like that. So sometimes its confusing, we have so much to shoot, so it takes a while to shoot our show, and if we didn’t do two at a time, we’d finish in October.


Rosy: When the season premieres, is it going to pick up from where it left off?

S. Trammell: I can’t really talk about that. There are definitely some surprises that are really cool that happen right at the beginning of next year.


Rosy: As we got further in to the season, your character got a lot darker, we saw stuff that we never expected from Sam. Are you enjoying the change?

S. Trammell: Oh yeah, that was fun, that was really fun! I loved getting to do the flashback scenes from stealing with the girl and then when I shot them that was really fun. And also kind of being drunk and firing Tommy. Just getting to do something different like that was great, and just a lot of fun to do something different. I did enjoy that.


Rosy: Sam’s parents were a big part of season three, do you know if we’ll see them again?

S. Trammell: I think we will see my parents again, yeah, I think we do. I think that happens, it’s gonna happen. I thought they were great, they were really good. They were fantastic.


Rosy: Sam and Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) relationship has been really complex. Where do you see the future of their dynamic?

S. Trammell: Sam is always gonna hold a bit of a flame for Sookie. She’s obviously in love with Bill (Stephen Moyer), and she has that whole world to explore. But I feel like there’s always going to be a connection between us.

And, as frustrated as I certainly got the first season, it maybe part of the second season of which they’re running off with the vampires, cause it’s going to be healthy for her. As frustrated as I got, I think I’ll always hold the torch for her and also really keep an eye out for her. I feel like there’s definitely a real love there.

Who knows, maybe it can turn into some sort of relationship down the line, and be more than just friends. But in the meantime, I feel like we’re both kind of definitely from season one Sam has kind of given up on her as far as pursuing her in a romantic relationship and he’s gone on to other things. But I feel there’s still a spark there, and there probably always will be.


Rosy: This season you have a new shape shifter coming in. Janina Gavankar is going to playing the role of Luna. Can you tell us what role her character will play in Sam’s life?

S. Trammell: She is a new shape shifter, and she’s someone that I’ve met. I honestly don’t know what her whole thing is going to be. I’ve only seen the first three episodes myself.

She’s definitely somebody that Sam can share his experiences as a shape shifter with, and she’s somebody that I’m actually trying to help out in a certain way. I’m trying to sort of in the way that Daphne’s character tried to help me deal with my own shape shifting stuff. I’m kind of helping her a little bit. So she’s kind of, she’s somebody that Sam is able to share her experiences with.

It’s hard to do interviews and I’m trying not give anything away. So that’s why some of this is vague and cryptic so, sorry about that.

She’s definitely someone that is going to be a big part of Sam’s life in this fourth season, and I think there’s going to be sounding boards for each other, and they’re going to help each other.

Anyways, she’s sort of part of this, she’s another shape shifter that I’m talking to.


Rosy: I heard that you and Luna would be getting together and attending some sort of “meetings” together. Are the shape shifters planning to come out into the open like the vampires are?

S. Trammell: Well, that is possible, but I don’t know. I actually don’t know the answer to that. I kind of doubt it, but it’s possible. Ok it sounds like you know about this group, yes there’s this little group that she’s apart of, that I’m apart of.

But I don’t know, it kind of feels, I think it’s just, I don’t know if there’s a kind of group plan to do anything together as far as group vs society. We just kind of help each other with our problems so far.

Du kan läsa mer av intervjun här.


Charlaine Harris har börjat skriva den 13:e boken...

Charlaine Harris har meddelat på sin Facebook Fan Page att hon har börjat sin 13: e Sookie Stackhouse roman. Hon började arbeta på Kapitel 1 just denna månad.

Hon skrev: 

Yes, I’m starting the next Sookie. Yes, I write chapters sequentially. The book doesn’t have a name yet. I should have started it in November but I had to take some time off.



Dagens Bild

Haha så rolig bild ;D

Kapitel 1 ''Dead Reckoning''

Kollade på författaren  Charlaine Harris hemsida och hon har lagt ut första kapitlet till den elfte boken ''Dead Reckoning''

Så om du har läst de 10 första böckerna i Sookie Stackhouse serien kan du läsa första kapitlet från ''Dead Reckoning'' HÄR SPOILERS för de som inte läst de andra böckerna.

Boken släpps i Maj i Usa, troligen samma datum i Sverige!!!



Säsong 3 på dvd!

Många frågar när säsong 3 av True Blood ska komma ut på dvd.

Priset är ca 379 kr (iaf på discshop.com) och dvd kommer släppas i Maj 2011 i Sverige.

Man kan nu BOKA säsong 3 på

DISCSHOP.COM kan man också boka.

Och även pre-order it på AMAZON.COM (men var då noga och kolla så det är rätt ''region'' på dvd)

Btw, Jag gillar hur de skriver Anna Paquin och Alexander Skarsgård som skådespelare först på alla svenska hemsidor istället för i Usa dör de skriver Anna och Stephan först... ;D

Ny skådespelerska till säsong 4!

Skådespelaren Paola Turbay har fått rollen som Antonia! Hon kommer vara med i 5 avsnitt...



Paola Turbay has joined HBO’s drama True Blood in the recurring role of Antonia.  What we know about Antonia is that she’s in her 20s to 40s, is FIERCE and she speaks fluent Spanish. She’ll first appear in episode 2 and then again in episodes 3,4,5 and 6.

The Houston, TX-born Turbay, who moved to Colombia at age 10, is a former Miss Colombia and Miss Universe runner-up. She made her U.S. series debut as a regular on CBS’s Cane and has been recurring on USA’s Royal Pains.


Snoop Dogg "Oh Sookie"

Snoop dogg verkar vara ett fan av True Blood :p


Spoilers säsong 4

There are a couple new spoilers out this morning: one involves Jason Stackhouse, the other? A comment from none other than Alan Ball on the budding relationship between Sookie Stackhouse and Alcide Herveaux.

Remember last season’s legendary head-turning sex scene between Lorena and Bill? Well, the word around Bon Temps is that there’s a sequence in the upcoming fourth season that will have folks buzzing just as (if not more) loudly. The character at the center of said scene? One Jason Stackhouse.

How will Alcide and Sookie’s relationship evolve this season — if at all? Will Alcide begin to develop real romantic feelings for her?

“I think Alcide has already developed real feelings for her,” responds exec producer Alan Ball. “But there are certainly obstacles to overcome for both of them.”



Längtar verkligen till säsong 4!!

Spoilers säsong 4

There are a couple new spoilers out this morning: one involves Jason Stackhouse, the other? A comment from none other than Alan Ball on the budding relationship between Sookie Stackhouse and Alcide Herveaux.

Remember last season’s legendary head-turning sex scene between Lorena and Bill? Well, the word around Bon Temps is that there’s a sequence in the upcoming fourth season that will have folks buzzing just as (if not more) loudly. The character at the center of said scene? One Jason Stackhouse.

How will Alcide and Sookie’s relationship evolve this season — if at all? Will Alcide begin to develop real romantic feelings for her?

“I think Alcide has already developed real feelings for her,” responds exec producer Alan Ball. “But there are certainly obstacles to overcome for both of them.”


Längtar verkligen till säsong 4!!

Dagens Bild

Bill vs. Sophie-Anne: Smackdown!

spoilers2 Bill vs. Sophie Anne: Smackdown!

312 49A 600x330 Bill vs. Sophie Anne: Smackdown!

Episode 12 av säsong 3; det sista vi såg av Bill Compton var när han hade lovat drottning Sophie-Anne att endast en av dem skulle lämna sitt huset den kvällen. Vi såg dem båda hoppa på varandra genom luften innan scenen sluta.

Enligt Evan Rachel Wood, som berättade till Access Hollywood, så kommer scenen återupptas i säsong 4 när vi äntligen får se den verkliga kampen.

Evan Rachel Wood sa att alla True Blood fans kan verkligen förvänta sig en "epic" kamp mellan hennes karaktär, drottning Sophie-Anne, och Bill Compton, när showen återkommer i sommar.





Intervju med Evan Rachel Wood om True Blood Season 4

spoilers2 Interviews with Evan Rachel Wood about True Blood Season 4

62971191thevault19201111115PM Interviews with Evan Rachel Wood about True Blood Season 4

True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood gives us some hints about what we can expect in Season 4 in interviews where shed some light for us in the long wait for June. While at the HBO portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, she talked about her return to True Blood in addition to her new role in HBO’s Mildred Pierce and her upcoming film project The Ides of March.

How is Season 4 going for True Blood?

WOOD: Of course, I can’t tell you anything that happens.

What will this season be like, in general?

WOOD: Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve only done one episode, so I have no idea. But, they always outdo themselves, every year.

What’s it like to be back on the set?

WOOD: It’s been great. It’s one of the funnest sets I’ve ever worked on, actually. There’s just always something crazy happening, and lots of blood.

How tortured will Queen Sophie-Anne be this season?

WOOD: Oh, I think she’ll get what she deserves.

How many episodes will you be doing?

WOOD: I can’t say.

Who have your scenes been with so far?

WOOD: So far, Stephen Moyer. We have to finish our big fight.

Viewers will see a resolution to that then?

WOOD: Of course, there will be a resolution. You just have to wait and see what happens. But, it will be epic.

Have you had any scenes with any of the new female cast members?

WOOD: Not yet, no.

How do you define Sophie-Anne’s sexuality?

WOOD: Vampires, in general, are both. I don’t think there is a preference for them. But, I think she’s made her choice. I’d say she’s a lesbian.

Do you think she’ll ever pursue a relationship with Sookie?

WOOD: I hope so. Come on, it’s gotta happen!

Do you have any well wishes for Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, with this being their first season back as a married couple?

WOOD: I wish them nothing but the best. They make me sick, how in love they are with each other. They’re such an amazing couple, honestly. I’m just envious of them both. They’re great people.

What do you think it is about the allure of vampires that makes them so popular?

WOOD: It’s always been around. There is something seductive about it. It’s living forever. There is this sexiness and this romance to that, I guess. And, there’s the goriness of it. It’s beautiful gore. It’s not a bloody zombie. It’s a very attractive, forever young, seductive person that might eat you.

Is it fun to play evil?

WOOD: It’s so much fun! The villains are always more fun to play, absolutely.

What is your attraction to playing bad girls?

WOOD: I don’t necessarily consider them bad. I think they’re just human. They just explore things and do things that most people think about, but don’t really talk about and don’t really do. They’re just honest, really. Nobody is good or bad. You only live once.

How does your True Blood role compare to your role in Mildred Pierce, in degree of difficulty?

WOOD: True Blood is just a blast. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s sexy, it’s hilarious. Mildred Pierce was slightly more dramatic and demanding, I have to say.

How has your life changed since True Blood?

WOOD: Good lord, the fans of True Blood are so dedicated and intense. It’s crazy. I get stopped on the street constantly now. People call me The Queen, which I don’t mind at all. That’s how people address me. It’s nice. Not a bad gig.

What vibe are you getting from the new season of “True Blood”?

WOOD: I honestly don’t know what they are doing. But I know it is always going to be out of control.

There are more vampire shows now than ever. Why is that?

WOOD: There is something seductive about it. It is living forever. There is this sexiness and this romance to that, I guess. And the goriness of it. It is like beautiful gore. It is not like a bloody zombie. It is a very attractive, forever young, seductive person – that might eat you!


Läs mer på fancast.com & collider.com



Battle of the Fang

För ett tag sedan hade hemsidan trueblood-news.com tävlingen ''Battle of the Fang'' Team Eric vs Team Bill. De tävlade om vem som kunde samla in mest pengar till välgörenhet och vinnaren fick välja en t-shirt som förloraren skulle bli fotograferad i.


Team Eric - 34,223 dollar

Team Bill - 35,043 dollar

Tävlingen var väldigt jämn och Team Eric ledde några dagar men Team Bill kom ifatt de ca 3 sista timmarna. De samlade ihop väldigt mycket pengar, 69,266 dollar vilket motsvarar ca 477 633 svenska kronor.

Stephans val av t-shirt:

Haha alltid lika sköna ;)


Dagens Bild!

Nu är jag tillbaka :)

Update: Den ska vara rörlig...?

Intervju med Sam Trammell

61862654thevault930201012853PM 231x300 Interview with Sam Trammell about Season 4

True Blood’s Sam Trammell is already gearing up for Season Four of “True Blood”, which will start filming in mid-November, according to the sources.

Movie Mikes caught up with Sam Trammell recently to discuss his role in “True Blood” and what he has planned for the future.  Below is part of that interview.


Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about how you originally got the role of Sam Merlotte?


Sam Trammell: I got the script from my agent. It was going around town and it was Alan Ball’s new show on HBO. It was a hot commodity, everyone wanted to do it. I just went it and met with the casting director. They taped me and showed it to Alan. They picked me for the final audition to go in front of HBO. There were about three other guys there for my part. I read in front of the president of HBO and all these executives. I found out four hours later I got the part, it was fairly quick turnaround.

MG: What is the best part of playing the character, it seems like it is made just for you?


Sam: Thanks man, well I am from Louisiana originally. It is great to be able to play a character who you kind of represent and a guy from where I am from. I love that he is kind of a blue collar dude and that he owns a bar. I never worked in a bar but I always thought it would be fun to work as a bartender. The other part of it is that he is a supernatural creature which is a really cool thing to have under your belt and as a secret. Since I still get to be like a regular guy.

MG: How do you like the direction that your character has taken with being a shape shifter?


Sam: The second half of this year was just funniest acting work that I have ever got to do. You see the dark side of him. You get to see a flashback showing him engaged in criminal activity. That was a blast I really enjoyed it.

MG: Where you familiar with the book series, if not have you read since?


Sam: I wasn’t before I got on the show. But once I was cast I read the first four books to get a sense of the world and who Sam was. I read ahead basically and as the series goes I will keep reading them. I am just curious to see what Charlaine (Harris) is thinking for these stories.

MG: What has been the hardest part of working on the show?


Sam: A few things, the nights are pretty difficult. When you are doing like four nights in a row and shooting all night. What is tough is not getting to sleep during the day. The first couple of nights are not that hard but then it starts to switch your whole rhythm and that is tough. Another thing is that sometimes you will have like a week off. We have a bunch of different story lines, you do not work every day. You have to stay on the character and need to keep you character up.


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Ryan Kwanten i French Men’s Health Magazine Cover

mens health france january 2011 ryan kwanten Ryan Kwanten on French Mens Health Magazine Cover

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten is featured in this month’s Men’s Health France magazine. Glad to see that he is getting so much love from this magazine.




spoilers2 True Blood Season 4.03 Spoilers: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?

We now know the title for the Episode 3 of Season 4 is “If You Love Me, (Why Am I Dyin’?”). As is our practice, we like to speculate about what song will be chosen by True Blood’s Creator and Executive Producer, Allan Ball and his Music Supervisor, Gary Calamar.

For this episode, this song by Boxing Gandhis, with the same name, seems to match perfectly and here one of the versions:






spoilers2 True Blood Season 4.03 Spoilers: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?

Titeln till True Blood Säsong 4, avsnitt 3 har släpts.  Avsnittet kommer kallas “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”

Mer spoiler här nedan..

Several parts were announced for casting for this episode.

Read the rest after the cut.

[ANTONIA] 20s to 40s. FIERCE. Must speak fluent Spanish. First appears in episode 2 and then again in episodes 3,4,5 and 6.

[VAMPIRE] This leering vampire is caught on tape feeding on a woman. He’s desperate to escape the dire consequences…8 lines, 2 scenes (11)

[PAUL MCCLATCHY] This slick, professional-looking prospector in a suit works for an energy company and makes Tommy an intriguing offer…2 speeches & 4 lines, 1 scene (37)

[FANGBANGER] This hot, stupid man enjoys being bitten by Pam and shouts out commands to her. He’s disappointed when she takes off…3 lines, 1 scene (16)

[CAMERA OPERATOR] In his 20s, righteous and bearded, a somewhat dimwitted yokel, he’s seen on a grainy YouTube video, making underground films of vampires feeding, thus entrapping them. The camera operator loves being on camera to promote his cause of warning America about vampires…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (11)

[CONSERVATIVE F*CK] A smug conservative in a bow tie, he passionately debates Nan Flanagan on the air…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (20)

[YOUNG WOMAN] This pudgy young woman is seen on a grainy YouTube video, being attacked by a vampire…2 lines, 1 scene (10)




Sweet Child O' Mine ~ Bill & Jessica

En Fan-Made video om Bill och Jessicas relation. Den var väldigt bra :)


Unforgettable moments of the year!

True Blood har gjort en annan 2010 lista men den här gången är det oförglömliga stunder (förra gången var 2010 wtf moments) i den här listan så är True Blood med för den stunden då Sookie fick reda på vad hon egentligen var. Du kan se på videon nedan, från 2:07              

fairy 200x200 True Blood makes TV Guides Unforgettable Moments of 2010



True Blood ► Only Human

We have often shown our love for the sultry sexy ways of those who have fangs, and our adoration for the big feroucious strength of the werewolves and those shapeshifters sure are cute, but we sometimes forget to show our appreciation for the humans that are also on True Blood.

onlyhuman 200x200 The Humans of True Blood

What would True Blood be without the human interaction that occurs with the vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters? For me, although I’m definitely a vampire fanatic, as far as True Blood is concerned, I think it’s important for us to thank the humans of the show.


True Blood just wouldn’t be the same without them?  So, to Sookie, even though we now know she is “something more than human”, and all the other members of the cast that play the humans, we say thank you!






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