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Någon som har tatuerat in Bill och Eric på armen!

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Alexander skarsgård minglar vidare i Hollywood

24 Februari i år var ingen mindre än våran svenska stjärna Alexander Skarsgård från tv-serien True blood på plats när Tom Ford flagship store öppnade portarna i Hollywood.
Alexander kom utan Kate Bosworth , men han hade en rad kända namn att mingla med som Eva longoria & Elizabeth Banks.

På Tom Ford Flagship stores öppning

Ny här på truebloods

Av: Christelle

Stephen Moyer och Anna Paquin i Vanity Fair Oscar Party

63724062thevault227201190431PM Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin attend the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party



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Stackhouse Rd, riktig gata i Newmarket, Canada!


On set - season 4 SPOILERS

Gör bilden mindre eftersom vissa inte vill bli spoilade....

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In an image that has appeared on Facebook. Ball appears with what seems to be a water fairy. A decidedly evil looking water fairy, complete with nasty teeth and pointy ears.

So who is this evil waterlogged fairy then? Calling this as Lochlan (or one of his ilk) seems completely obvious, but boy…that’s who I’m thinking of. Especially after Claudine’s reference last season to the deaths of Sookie’s parents.

Random observation: I am very pleased to see some pointy fairy ears. Even prior to season 3 airing, I was of the opinion that Bill knew Sookie had fairy ancestry when he was originally sent to procure her. Looking at Mr Pointy Ears, this scene in season 1 showing Bill fondling the top of Sookie’s ear over and over, while telling her she doesn’t know how special she is has a certain sense of….foreboding.



Charlaine Harris berättar om sin nya video spel "Dying for Daylight"

I videon nedan berättar Charlaine Harris, skaparen av Sookie Stackhouse-serien, om sin nya video spel "Dying for Daylight". Hon pratar också om hur mycket hon har haft nytta av True Blood sedan de började..

Trailer till spelet:


Mer quotes ^^

How's your bullet wound?
Eric: Well, it would have healed a lot faster if you had...

I will never fall for that again.

Eric :
Maybe the next time you shoot me.

I got a lot on my mind lately.

Lafayette: That must feel new.

Humans...Honestly Bill? I don't know what you see in them.

4.Jason: Sometimes the right thing to do is the wrong thing. I know I did the right thing.

5.Jason: Everyone in this town ain't what they're supposed to be. So... you turn into a panther. I love you.

6.Summer: I opened up my heart to him. I showed him my best underwear. There's nothing else I can do.

7.Russell [to Eric]: You are nothing more than a lump of muscle with a blood grudge.

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True Blood quotes:

"I'm not Eric." "Oh you are SO not Eric."

“Goodnight tiny humans.”

"Men only bring flowers with them if they already slept with you and lookin' to do it again.”

"You suck. Ha ha. That's funny, because you really do suck, ha ha.”

"A vampire is never at the mercy of his emotions. He dominates them."

"Does your momma know you're out in the big city?" "My momma's dead." "So am I."

“You are going to invite me in, so I can protect you or have passionate, primal sex with you. How about both?”- Eric

"I always dreamed of havin' my own little chicken shack. I'd call it Mickens Chicken and Chitlins."

"She's as mad as a monkey on a trike and has been for centuries."

"Well, I'm goin' to head on over to the bar. Make sure Terry's not PTSD'ing all over my clam chowder."


Ryan Kwanten skriver autografer


intervju med Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello pratar med "exclusively to WPXI.com's" i sin hemstad Pittsburgh. Möter hans fästmö, se hennes ring och höra lite om säsong 4.


SPOILERS Första bilderna från inspelningsplatsen - säsong 4

One lucky photographer found his way near the set of True Blood in Los Angeles, California today (Thursday, February 24th) and found our favorite shifter Sam Trammell. He was joined by Chris Bauer and Lauren Bowles.

True Blood stars, Sam Trammell, Chris Bauer and Lauren Bowles were filming in Eagle Rock, CA.


On the set of Season 4:

51598pcn trueblood02 medium 400x266 Photos: On the set of S4 of  True Blood


51598pcn trueblood07 medium 400x266 Photos: On the set of S4 of  True Blood


51598pcn trueblood04 medium 199x300 Photos: On the set of S4 of  True Blood 51598pcn trueblood05 medium 199x300 Photos: On the set of S4 of   True Blood



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Anna Paquin brunhårig :)


Du hörde det rätt gott folk, det har bekräftats att Eric's maker, Godric, kommer tillbaka till True Blood! Det finns inte några detaljer förutom bekräftelse på att Alan Hyde verkligen kommer att vara i säsong 4 vid något tillfälle.

“Alan Ball isn’t offering too many clues, except to say that fans will see “a different side of Godric.”



Jim Parrack i Battle: Los Angeles

This new clip of Battle: Los Angeles gives us a first look at Jim Parrack as a marine under alien attack. The movie, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, will hit the theaters on March 11 in USA.


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SPOILERS - Fairyland

Someone’s taking a trip to fairyland! Insiders tell us the show is now shooting scenes in a stage decorated with twinkle lights and greenery that’s being populated with beautiful men and women in gold body paint and robes. We’re wondering if the fairy folk get as orgy-tastic as the maenad’s followers once did?


Charlaine Harris pratar om Sookie Stackhouse böckerna

Författaren Charlaine Harris som har skrivit Sookie Stackhose novellerna som True Blood serien är baserad på berättar för La Times att det ''troligen'' bara kommer bli två till böcker efter den 12:e...

Dead Reckoning,” the 12th installment in author Charlaine Harris‘ Sookie Stackhouse mystery series, is set to arrive this May — not long before the hit TV series inspired by the franchise, HBO’s “True Blood,” returns for a fourth season — but the novelist now is looking ahead to the conclusion of her long-running saga.


“Truthfully, the next two books will probably be the last two books in the series,” Harris said last week. “I still love Sookie, but I’m beginning to want to write something else, and Sookie’s kind of taken over my life. I was able to write other things for the first few years I was involved in Sookie, but then after the start of the television show she took over so much of my time because of my increased publicity obligations that it’s been very hard to write other things, and I really need to do that.”


Harris says even though she’s a regular viewer of the show, she sometimes is surprised by how graphic it can be, particularly when it comes to the amorous adventures of Sookie’s brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten).

“Of course, the television shows things that I only allude to,” Harris said. “I’ve had some moments where I have kind of covered my eyes a little bit. My gosh, there is a huge amount of skin. I guess I just don’t see that when I’m writing so much. In the books, you know Jason’s a horndog, you know that, but knowing it and seeing it are two different experiences.”

“I think all the actors are very fun,” she said. “I think Alan’s genius lies in picking the right person for the right role. They’re all talented and doing a great job. There are some plot lines that have surprised me, but I know that they know where they’re going — I just don’t know because it’s not where I went. So I can only wait to see what’s going to develop.”

Read the rest and find out what other projects Charlaine is working on in the LA Times.




Tips! Böckerna på svenska

Tänkte tipsa om att de första fem av Sookie Stackhouse böckerna som finns översatta till svenska är jätte billiga på internet!

På Adlibris kostar de 44 kr st. Klicka på bilden för att även få fraktfritt!

kostar de 49 kr st.

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Riktigt snygga!

Dawn Olivieri talar om sin roll i True Blood

Dawn Olivieri, who played Alcide’s sister Janice in True Blood season 3, has a lot on her plate. Not only is she currently on Vampire Diaries, she’s also finishing up the Showtime pilot, House of Lies. In a recent interview, Dawn talked about returning to True Blood and how weird that might be …

House of Lies going to series on Showtime could also throw a wrench in her returning to HBO’s True Blood, should she be asked. The networks are competitors, and well… “It would be an interesting situation given that Joe Manganiello is my ex-boyfriend,” she says with a candid laugh. “I don’t know if he’d be into that. I’m not sure. So we’re not holding our breath on that one… I know. Wrap your mind around that one for a minute. That’s kind of twisted and sick and weird that I’m playing the sister of some guy I dated. I don’t have that many boyfriends. Why do I get into these weird trifectas of confusion on all my jobs?”



Ni som kollar på Vampire Diaries känner säkert igen henne som Damons ''flickvän'' ;)

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Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin på LAX Airport.

HBO Shop

HBO har en helt egen shop som man verkligen behöver besöka om man åker till New York! Den ligger i hörnet på 42nd street och Sixth Avenue.

Deras hemsida (länk)

Någon som har varit där eller ska åka till New York?

Tack så mycket för tipset Mikaela!

Säsong 4: SPOILERS!

avslöjade namnen på vissa av de kommande avsnitten:

Avsnitt 1- "She's Not There""

Avsnitt 2- "You Smell Like Dinner"

Avsnitt 3- If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?"

Avsnitt 4- "Untiled"

Avsnitt 5- "I Hate You. I Love You"

Avsnitt 6- I Wish I Was The Moon"

De Nya Skådespelarna:

Fiona shaw spelar som marnie,Skygg och hemlighetsfull.  Marnie kan förutsäga genom att studera folks handflator om vem som har en "förbanelse": att du styrs av en ond ande från en mäktig häxa.  Men Marnie är smärtsamt medveten om vilket skämt hon är - det vill säga tills hon kommer att vara besatt av den anda gjord av en riktig häxa.

Courtney Ford har rollen som Andy Bellefleurs syster Portia. Portia är en klassisk southern skönhet som driver en egen advokatbyrå.

Janina Gavankar har gått med i True Blood's kommande fjärde säsongen som Luna, en super-sexy kommunalskollärare och Shapeshifter som syns för första gången gå på ett informativt samling med andra Sapeshifters.

Alexandra Breckenridge, en välkänd röst konstnär som regelbundet kan höras Family Guy. Hon kommer att spela som Daisy, en medlem av en Wiccan grupp grundad av Marnie.

Vedette Lim har kommit ombord som karaktären Naomi, en våldsam kämpe som deltar i underjordiska bur matcher för pengar.
Naomi är en asiatisk-amerikansk bur fighter som utanför ringen ... öh, buren ... är hot-n 'tung med en av sina kvinnliga konkurrenter.

Snygg ;)---->

Brandon Molale, "Officer X ", och Randy Wayne,Matt, kommer vara med i avsnitt 1 & 2 så mkt som vi vet.

Chris Butler har rollen som Emory Broome, ett prudentligt och konservativ Shapeshifter med sin egen agenda.

Christina Moore spelar Suzanne McKittrick. Suzanne är en hemmafru som har vissa speciella förmågor.Förmodligen som Samantha "Bewitched"!

Neil Hopkins har rollen som Claude, Claudine's (Lara Pulver) bror.

Dane DeHaan kommer att spela Timbo,en av de tonåringar Jason tar hand om i Hotshot.

Rebecca Wisocky (90210) kommer att spela drottning Mab, som beskrivs som en elegant skönhet som presiderar över en fantasi land och har också ett temperament.

Paola Turbay har rollen som Antonia. Vad vi vet om Antonia är atthon är i sin 20s till 40s, är hård och hon talar flytande spanska. Hon kommer först att dyka upp i episod 2 ochsedan igen i episoder 3,4,5 och 6 .

Skådespelaren Darren Darnborough har rollen som Callum, en brittisk bartender som ses i flashback till London 1982. Han jobbade i ett underjordisk nattklubb.

Sam Horrigan kommer att spela fangbanger:
[FANGBANGER] Denna heta, dumma man gillar att bli biten av Pam och ropar ut kommandon till henne. Han är besviken när hon tar av ...

Sam dyker upp i episod 3,
“If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”

Aubrey Deeker kommer att ge liv till en vampyr.

[VAMPIRE] Denna vampyr är fångas livnära sig på en kvinna. Han är desperat att fly från konsekvenserna ... 8 repliker, 2 scener.

Aubrey kommer oxå att visas i avsnitt 3

Brian Treitler kommer att vara kameran operatör:

[kameraman] I sina 20s, rättfärdig och skäggig, han har sett en YouTube-video, underjordiska filmer av vampyrer som äter [dricker]. Kameran Operatören älskar att vara kameran för att främst varna Amerika om vampyrer ... 1 replik & 1 scen
i avsnitt 3.

Daniel Buran kommer att spela alfa varulven av Shreveport, Raoul.

vill du veta mer? läs om
the Casting Calls



Casting Calls

En stor skylt på Alexander Skarsgård i Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Idag en annan bild, en enorm skylt, från kampanjen har nyinstallerat på Sunset Boulevard i Los Angeles. Alex fans upptäckte att den exakta platsen för skylten är i hörnet av Sunset Boulevard och Queen Road.

6a00e54fb7301c8834014e86190b62970d Alexander Skarsgård billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles


intervju med Michael McMillian

Den senaste inlägget över "inside HBO Blogg" av Gianna Sobel, är en intervju med Michael McMillian, mer känd som Rev Newlin.

stevefront 373x300 Michael McMillian interview on Inside HBO Blog


Gianna: Good morning, Michael!

Michael: Good morning, Gianna!

Gianna: Can you talk about your involvement in the newest True Blood comic book?

Michael: You can ask, but I have to warn you that as the co-writer of an official True Blood story, I may have to keep some secrets.

Gianna: Well what goods are you authorized to share?  We'll take what we can get!

Michael: I was just kidding.  Get ready to be "spoilerized."  I'm giving up the goods!

Gianna: Do it.

Michael: I love my fans.  Fire away.

Gianna: How did it come about that you would be writing for the comic series?

Michael: Pluck and constant pestering, really.  I heard they were making a True Blood comic last spring through Alexander Woo, one of True Blood's talented writers.  I immediately started to plot how I would go about scoring myself a story-arc on the book.  I was in the middle of writing LUCID, my series with Archaia and Zachary Quinto's Before the Door Pictures, so I was eager to keep the ball rolling with other comic projects.  Ultimately, I teamed up with my friend Marc Andreyko, a seasoned comics pro, and we pitched ideas to IDW.  I also sent Alan Ball a live panda.  It seems the bribe worked and now Marc and I are writing the comic.

Gianna: Ah, yes, I remember the panda.  So what's the book about?  Did you and Marc come up with the idea together?

Michael: Our story is called "Tainted Love" and runs for six issues.  Bottles of Tru Blood are contaminated with a mysterious ingredient that causes vampires to lose all moral center and go "feral," attacking humans without restraint.  The whole fiasco is a terrorist plot by a new villainous group, called the "Vampire Liberation Front," who has grown tired of Vampires having to play by society's rules.  These are fundamentalist Vampires who want to destroy the civil ties between humans and vampires, so they target the Tru Blood Corporation.  Jessica drinks a bottle of bad 'Blood, and Sookie, Bill and the rest of the Bon Temps crew scramble to save her before she kills somebody.  Marc came up with the idea of the tampered Tru Blood and we just ran with the idea.

Gianna: Can you tease us readers with one mind-blowing moment they can look forward to in your story?

Michael: I think just about every cliffhanger has its shock value.  That's a characteristic of the show that Marc and I wanted to make sure closed out each issue.  There's a sequence in Issue 2 involving Jessica and an alligator that's a favorite moment of mine.  And Eric takes his relationship with Sookie to new heights in Issue 3.

Gianna: Are there references to story lines that happen on the show, particularly concerning season 4?  Or are the comics independent of what Alan is doing?

Michael: The comics aren't entirely independent of the show, but obviously the show is the main True Blood storyline.  We're the supporting act.  The comic is a great way to expand the mythology and explore certain corridors of the True Blood world that the show may perhaps leave untouched.  Issue 1, for example, kicks off with a tour of a Tru Blood bottling plant.  We've seen bottling plants in teasers for upcoming seasons, but so far the Tru Blood company itself hasn't really been showcased in any narrative on the show.  I think fans will appreciate getting a little glimpse behind the curtain there.  There are certainly references to things that have happened in previous seasons, and our story reflects the increasing human/vampire tensions established in season 3.  We'll also flesh out a very important backstory to a fan-favorite character.

Gianna: Are we going to find out a little more about Steve Newlin's backstory in upcoming issues?

Michael: If I have it my way, "True Blood: The Steve Newlin Adventures" ongoing will kick off in summer of 2011!  Just kidding.  We will see a bit of Smilin' Steve in "Tainted Love."  And perhaps a glimpse of what Sarah Newlin has been up to...

Gianna: Oh really? Any clues to her whereabouts?

Michael: All I can say is she has taken what has happened to her and used it to her advantage.

Gianna: Interesting... Speaking of the Newlins, any plans for them coming back on the show? In season 4, or even beyond that?

Michael: You're asking the wrong guy!  I certainly hope so.  Obviously, True Blood has no shortage of characters, but I think it's significant that the Newlins made it out of Season 2 alive.  And there MUST be some kind of Fellowship of the Sun revival after what Russell Edgington pulled on national TV, right?  If I were Steve - and I am - I'd be plotting revenge on both Stackhouses and Eric in particular.  Nobody bangs Steve's wife and shoots him in the face with a paintball and gets away with it.  Nobody.

Gianna: So if Steve could torture Jason, just to get back at him for his dalliance with Sarah, what would he/you do?  Waterboarding?  The rack?  Death by firing squad?

Michael: Perhaps lowering Jason into a giant vat of boiling paint would suffice?  Although I'm not sure Steve wants to see that pretty face destroyed... He's so torn, that Reverend!

Gianna: It is a pretty face, I don't think anyone can argue with that.  Okay, thank you so much for your time, Michael!  Before you go, two final questions.  Who's your favorite human on True Blood?  Now I'm asking you as a fan, not as an actor on the show...

Michael: Humans are quickly disappearing on True Blood!  They are an endangered species, lately.  It's tough to pick.  Obviously I am quite partial to Anna Camp's portrayal of Sarah Newlin.  I thought she was just fantastic - perfect in every way.  And then there's Carrie Preston, whose genius goes criminally unsung. I love Arlene. She's such a wonderful character. In many ways she's the most relatable human on the show. If I lived in her world, I would be scared and pissed too!  My favorite human character to write is definitely Jason.

Gianna: And your favorite supe?

Michael: I'm team Eric.  Sorry, Bill.


Things You Didn't Know About Stackhouse's House

"According to Suzuki Ingerslev, our esteemed Production Designer, several of the crew's family heirlooms were incorporated into the Old Stackhouse Place – crocheted items, pill bottles, toilet paper covers, afghans, etc.  Some of the Stackhouse family photos up on the wall are actually shots of Suzuki's own family, as well as show creator Alan Ball's family.  Actress Lois Smith also donated several pictures.  But many of these memories were destroyed in the Maenad attack.

This here is a shot of Alan Ball's mom from the 1930s.  "I like having her on set," Alan said, "there is a picture of my mom and dad and brothers on the piano, and my Uncle Bud is over the fireplace in the dining room."







Svar på fråga!

Vi fick en fråga från en av er läsare angående True Blood böckerna. Det är 5 stycken av de som är översatta till svenska, vi har än inte fått reda på om de ska gå vidare med att översätta resten av böckerna.  Men så fort vi får veta så säger vi till.

Och om ni klickar på kategorin Böcker så kan ni läsa mer om Sookie Stackhouse novellerna.

Tack! :)


AV: Fanny & Salisha

Evan Rachel Wood är med i Vogue Magazine

Vogue US mars 2011 har True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood (the queen) i “Pure Country”

tror tidningen går att köpa i Press Stop och vissa Pressbyrån butiker :)

vogue us march 2011 evan rachel wood in pure country 1 381x300 Vogue Magazine features Evan Rachel Woodvogue us march 2011 evan rachel wood in pure country1 1 334x300 Vogue Magazine features Evan Rachel Wood



spoilers2 Spoiler: Alcides new packmaster

danburen Spoiler: Alcides new packmaster "True Blood‘s werewolf hierarchy is about to experience a tectonic shift.

Daniel Buran is joining the HBO smash as Raoul, the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport or Alcide’s boss!

Buran, whose credits include appearances on CSI: NYCriminal Minds and Southland, as well as CSI creator Anthony Zuiker’s digi-novel Level 26: Dark Origins, will appear in roughly seven episodes of TB‘s upcoming fourth season."





Inge Grammy för True Blood!

True Blood har ingen tur med att ta hem några Grammy Awards nyligen. Igår var de upp i två nomineringar och vann ingen av dem :(

Grammy Awards

De var nominerade som:

Crazy Heart (Various Artists) – [New West Records
  • Glee: The Music, Volume 1 (Glee Cast) [Columbia Records]
  • Tremé (Various Artists) [Geffen]
  • True Blood – Volume 2 (Various Artists) [Elektra]
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Various Artists) [Summit Ent/Chop Shop/Atlantic]

Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

  • Down In New Orleans (From The Princess And The Frog) Randy Newman, songwriter (Dr. John)
  • I See You (From Avatar) Simon Franglen, Kuk Harrell & James Horner, songwriters (Leona Lewis)
  • Kiss Like Your Kiss (From True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series – Volume 2) Lucinda Williams, songwriter (Lucinda Williams & Elvis Costello)
  • This City (From Tremé Soundtrack) Steve Earle, songwriter (Steve Earle)
  • The Weary Kind (From Crazy Heart) Ryan Bingham & T Bone Burnett, songwriters (Ryan Bingham)


Alla Hjärtans Dag Med Jim Parrack

Skådespelaren Jim Parrack (Hoyt) svarar på Alla hjärtans dag frågor, här är vad han hade att

1. Best Valentine's Day memory?

Best Memory??  How about most vivid?  I remember in eighth grade, there was this girl, Ashley Ziehm, that I was nuts for.  I begged my mom to let me have a bottle of perfume that she didn't want so I could give it to Ashley.  So Ma gave it to me and I half-assed wrapped it and on Valentine's Day, mustered up the courage to give to Ashley.  She looks at it and says, "Why's this open?? What did you take this from your Mom or something?"  And she and all her friends laughed.  So I thought, I've gotta have some cool way outta this and told her, "Naw, naw...you know, I was at the mall the other day and was thinking about you, so I stole it from the counter."  I was sure this would impress, but her face fell and she said, "You're better than that Jimmy. I can't take it now that I know it's stolen."  I have tried very hard not to care about Valentine's Day ever since.

2. Worst Valentine's Day memory?

Well, the year I moved to Los Angeles, I was really floundering around in Austin and was penniless, loveless and totally stagnant.  My good buddy had a girl he was in love with and went out and got a suit and made dinner reservations for the two of 'em.  I called every single girl I knew, and a bunch I didn't, and tried to get them to come over and watch a movie with me and drink.  No one answered, and I felt so low and wrote about it in my diary.  Then I watched The Usual Suspects and pretended that I wrote it as I watched along. And the fact that when the movie was over, so was Valentine's Day, hit me hard and I drank and vowed to do something with my life...

3. Any special plans for Valentine's Day this year?

I am getting a dog sitter, kidnapping my wife Ciera and locking the door. ;)


large trueblood jessica hoyt Jim Parracks Valentine Survey: The Way to Hoyts Heart

4. If you were writing the episode, how would Hoyt celebrate Valentine's Day with Jessica?

If I were writing an episode for a Hoyt and Jess V-day, I would have him drive her to New Orleans, catch the Red Eye to NYC, check us into the Waldorf Astoria and sleep all the day side by side with the shades drawn.  And then we'd wake up together, take on a Vampire sleep schedule and just be a couple of love birds from the country in the big city.  We'd savor the freedom that we crave and relish the fact that no one would know us or our situation.  And then we'd have lots of bloody sex...






3 gula bilar

Enligt våra transport avdelning har vi tre av Sookies gula Honda. Ett, hjälten, används när hon faktiskt kör, en annan används till trailers, och den tredje används för stunts.



Seriens skapare Alan Ball Svarar på 3 frågor..

Gianna: What are you most excited about this season?
Alan: I really love the Eric storyline.

What's going to shock the fans?
Alan: What happens to Jason...throughout the whole season.

Got any advice for fans that are chomping at the bit?
Alan: We're working as fast as we can! In the meantime, I recommend watching the Swedish film Let the Right One In and the Russian films Day Watch and Night Watch.



Anna Paquin gäst röst i "Phineas and Ferb"

newsphineas111 Anna Paquin to supply guest voice to Disneys Phineas and Ferb

"Anna Paquin will make a guest voice appearance on this season’s run of the Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb”.

“Phineas and Ferb” is proving to be a draw for star-caliber voice casting for its coming season. Michael Douglas, Tina Fey, Michael J. Fox and Jane Lynch will headline the guest cast for the third season of the Disney Channel animated hit.

Joan Cusack, Jamie Oliver and Anna Paquin will also supply guest voices for this season’s run, which bows March 4.

Douglas is guesting along with his 10-year-old son Dylan in a haunted house episode, while Fox and Paquin will pay homage to their “Teen Wolf” and “True Blood” roles. Oliver, of ABC’s “Food Revolution,” will be a meatloaf competition judge.

Meanwhile, Lynch will be Phineas and Ferb’s sister’s boyfriend’s mother, and Fey plays an eager buyer for the headquarters of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc."



True Blood Quiz

Hittade ett quiz på expressens hemsida där man kan testa sina kunskaper om True Blood genom att svara på 10 frågor Länk till quizet


: Quizet är gammalt så det fanns bara 2 säsonger då...

True Blood: Season 3 - Alan Ball "Thank You" message


Sookie Stackhouse novellerna måste komma till ett slut..

Charlaineharristb 400x265 Charlaine Harris says Sookie Stackhouse novels must end

Alla goda
saker kommer alltid till ett slut och det verkar som om Sookie Stackhouse serien av Charlaine Harris snart slutar. Även om det är sorgligt att se slutet, är det tur att det finns så många böcker i serien som man kan alltid komma ihåg.

Medan "Dead Reckoning", den 12: e delen i Sookie Stackhouse serien, som kommer komma fram i maj - inte länge innan "True Blood", återvänder för en fjärde säsong - så ser romanförfattaren fram emot till slutsatsen av hennes långvariga historia.

Truthfully, the next two books will probably be the last two books in the series,” Harris said last week. “I still love Sookie, but I’m beginning to want to write something else, and Sookie’s kind of taken over my life. I was able to write other things for the first few years I was involved in Sookie, but then after the start of the television show she took over so much of my time because of my increased publicity obligations that it’s been very hard to write other things, and I really need to do that.” säger Charlaine Harris.

I fråga om "True Blood" är det ibland mycket chockerande: t.ex förra säsongens (bokstavligen) head-turning sexscen mellan Bill (Stephen Moyer) och Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). Harris säger, som en vanlig betraktare av showen, att hon ibland är förvånad över hur grafisk de kan vara, särskilt när det kommer till Sookies bror Jason (Ryan Kwanten). Of course, the television shows things that I only allude to,” säger Harris. “I’ve had some moments where I have kind of covered my eyes a little bit. My gosh, there is a huge amount of skin. I guess I just don’t see that when I’m writing so much. In the books, you know Jason’s a horndog, you know that, but knowing it and seeing it are two different experiences.”

Men hon var snabb med att berömma skådespelarna, i Säsong 3, som växte till att omfatta varulvar, shaman och scene-stealing vampyr kungen av Mississippi Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare). “I think all the actors are very fun,” säger hon, “I think Alan’s genius lies in picking the right person for the right role. They’re all talented and doing a great job. There are some plot lines that have surprised me, but I know that they know where they’re going — I just don’t know because it’s not where I went. So I can only wait to see what’s going to develop.”




Var det någon som hörde blandannat oss i fredags på radion när de pratade om vampyrer? Tyvärr missade jag det!

// truebloods.se

Video: Alexander Skarsgård - Eric

Ganska gammal video (från 2009) när Alex pratar om fans och Erics förhållande med Sookie! (Så spoiler varning för de som inte läst böckerna)

"I'll do my best to mess things up between Sookie and Bill. We'll see how well I do."

Svt om säsong 3...

Äntligen lite mer info från svt om säsong 3 av True Blood:

Men hallå svt? Skrev ni inte att säsong 3 skulle visas ''i början av 2011'' Måste vi vänta till efter sommaren? :(

Källa: svt.se

Denis O'Hare presenterar på Writer's Guild Awards.

Från förra veckans Writer's Guild Awards, ser vi Denis O'Hare på scen för att presentera ett pris..

Denis hade några ord att säga om Twilight vs. True Blood vampyrer. Han sa: “Real vampires don’t sparkle, they don’t glisten. They can’t go out in the day and they definitely aren’t celibate! Come on!

Men även om Denis håller inte med Twilight, så är det en sak skådespelarna helt kan relatera sig med: crazy fan encounters!

People ask me to bite them,” sa Denis. “It happens a lot. In my rough neighborhood of Fort Greene in Brooklyn, I was inside a Bravo across the street from me and this big Dominican guy who was working there was like, ‘Hey man, can you bite me?’ And I’m like, ‘You’re not going to beat me up afterwards?’ But I did it, and we took a picture!



True Blood Valentine

hboval Video: HBOs True Blood Valentine





Ja må hon leva!

Grattis på födelsedagen Deborah Ann Wol!!! :) (fyller 26 år)


Ps: samma dag som jag xD


Kommer Denis O'Hare tillbax till True Blood?

63326938thevault262011124159PM 200x300 Will Denis OHare return to True Blood? 63330918thevault262011124220PM 314x300 Will Denis OHare return to True Blood?

Denis O'Hare avslöjade att han kanske kommer återvända till True Blood. På New York edition of the WGA Awards igår kväll sa han till The Hollywood Reporter: "Jag lämnade dem en hög. De har varit mycket, mycket snäll mot mig, och de säger att de tror att jag kommer att komma tillbaka. Och jag väntar. Vi får se vad som händer."

skulle handlingen då vara för vampyrkungen Russell Edgington?

Någon diskuterade en möjlig idé med mig, som naturligtvis jag inte kan säga," sa O'Hare. "Men det är en väldigt cool idé. Det är inte långt hämtat, men det är inte något som du skulle se komma. "

Just nu
är han upptagen med andra film arbete. "Jag väntar den här filmen att komma ut, Det kallas "The Eagle"och kommer ut 11 februari.

Och sen så gör jag en Clint Eastwood film, J. Edgar Hoover med Leonardo DiCaprio. Vi börjar filma snart. Så jag kommer att vara i L.A om 2 veckor



Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello attend Pre-Super Bowl Events

"Yesterday True Blood was well represented at several Pre-Super Bowl events where Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello were seen at parties and lounges in Dallas, Texas.


Both Ryan and Joe attended the GQ, Cadillac, Lacoste and Patron Tequila Celebrating the Coolest Athletes and the Big Game hosted by Andy Roddick at Hickory Street Annex. And, Joe, along with his girlfriend, Audra Marie, attended Kari Feinstein’s Super Bowl Style Lounge at W Hotel Dallas. Ryan also was seen at the Bud Light Hotel Playboy Party with performances by Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Flo Rida."



63317672thevault252011105043AM 274x400 Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello attend Pre Super Bowl Events 63317956thevault252011104729AM 266x400 Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello attend Pre Super Bowl Events

63316204thevault252011104549AM 296x400 Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello attend Pre Super Bowl Events 63319960thevault252011104936AM 272x400 Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello attend Pre Super Bowl Events

Ryan intervjuades på GQ party i videon nedan ca 1:16




Deborah Ann Woll skriver autografer




Ryan Kwanten hjälper ‘Capture the Flag’ program

Ryan Kwanten deltog i "Capture the Flag" spel i går för att hjälpa till att öka medvetenheten och för att ge stöd till kvinnors hjärthälsa utbildning och forskning.



Sam Trammell skriver autografer utanför HBO SAG After Party


Ryan Kwanten to attend premiere of Griff The Invisible at Berlinale

"Ryan Kwanten kommer att vara med i premiere 811 feb) till hans nya comedi film, directed av Leon Ford, “Griff the Invisible.” Där kommer oxå den norska director Anne Sewitsky’s film, “Totally True Love” vara. Båda kommer att öppna i 'the Berlinale’s Generation children and youth sidebar'.

"Griff", handlar om en ung kontorist som klär sig i en superhjältedräkt på natten för att bekämpa brott men det slutar med att falla för hans lika udda granne.


newsberlin021 Ryan Kwanten to attend premiere of Griff The Invisible at Berlinale





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