Stephen Moyer i svensk reklam

1993 var Stephen Moyer med i  en svensk reklam för Gevalia.

''In Details Magazine Stephen Moyer mentions that in the early years he was offered a commercial (“It was for coffee—fucking cheesy shit”), which he agreed to do because it would run exclusively in Scandinavia and no one he knew would see it (though Skarsgård grew up watching it in Sweden and likes to tease him about it). Moyer was well compensated for his trouble (“1,000 quid, which was shitloads back then”) and used the money to buy a boat moored on the canals of London’s Little Venice, where he lived for seven years''

Postat av: ALLT OM GLEE

Du har väl inte missat min nya blogg om succe serien glee? Checka in fanbloggen och lämna gärna någon kommentar! =)

2010-04-12 @ 22:28:44

- Om du tar text eller bilder från oss så ange oss som källa, tack.

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